The Raspite Prince: The Laoonica Chronicles Book 1

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I would first like to thank Author’s Lounge for allowing me the opportunity to discuss my book The Raspite Prince. It is the first installment of The Laoonica Chronicles and is available on Amazon at the following link

The Laoonica Chronicles was originally written as a single short story from a dream. It was one of my friendlier dreams given I do tend to have horrifying nightmares. I have tons of strange dreams and have a habit of writing a brief description to remember them.

Originally The Laoonica Chronicles was published under my married name with a different title but after talking with my editor we shortened the title and republished it under my maiden name instead. When I wrote Laoonica, the first title was Laoonica Princess of Creation and Chaos, I gave a copy to my mom who encouraged me to publish it on Wattpad. My mom has always been an encouraging figure when it comes to my imagination. Once I started typing it out the story took on a life of its own and became a trilogy. The second book The Talamute Prince is also available on Amazon at

In the first book, Laoonica starts as a bit of a naive young woman who knows very little about how life works outside of her protective father’s guidance. During this series, she grows into a strong independent being with the ability to control Creation and chaos. She gains knowledge and strength despite the attempts of others to dominate and control her. It’s a story of overcoming what’s expected of her and becoming what she is truly meant to be.

There is a mild sex scene in the first book, it does serve a purpose in the storyline of all three books. However, with that said it does put the age range as 17 and older. This Science fiction romance takes place partly in space and partly on the strange planet of Talamute complete with twists and turns that come as a complete surprise. I’m currently working on the third book The Queen of Creation and Chaos. I may plan out a sequel series from another story I have drafted out that could easily be turned into a series I’m thinking of calling The Descendants of Laoonica. I haven’t decided on the name of the sequel series it’s still in the concept stage and could contain three books itself. I can’t promise this series yet. I need to finish the third book to Laoonica before I decide if I should continue it.

Storytelling has always been a major part of my life. As a young child, my mom would read us bedtime stories until I was old enough to interrupt that is. She would start reading my sister and me bedtime stories. I would intervene with ideals of my own. Eventually, it lead to me taking over story time and making up the stories for my older sister and me. I would write plays to put on for my family when they came to visit. As a mom, I carried down that tradition by having a story time where my children would add to the story I was telling. Rather they chose a princess or a pirate we would begin the story and I like my mother would encourage them to add to where the story went.

By the time I hit school I was well versed in my imagination. My favorite teacher Mrs. Chaptman use to have to keep me in for recess due to always getting in trouble for talking in class. I would sit inside with her and talk her ear off making up stories. It became a habit even when I wasn’t in trouble. She always told me I had a wonderful imagination and I should put it to use. Most of my English and literature teachers would assign everyone else in class topics but the topics they gave I twisted into fantastical stories that had nothing to do with reality. After a while my teachers just let me write what I wanted. I have many other books drafted out and awaiting editing and publication but as the first story I shared publicly The Laoonica Chronicles holds a very special place in my heart. I look forward to finishing this series and continuing on my writing path and published cross-genre author.


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