The Power of Being Empowered

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To be empowered means to be in the right state of overall well-being. It means the person is aware of their individuality, including their passion and goals in life. It means that the person is capable of intellectually developing and growing, is capable of change, and has a positive outlook towards life despite any circumstances. Audrey A. Thomas’ book about personal transformation, Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart, effectively conveys the message of not judging a person based on their outward appearance or how society sees them but looking deep into their life experiences to understand them best. 

In her book, the author sets out to inspire others who are going through a life-changing moment to, by having faith in God, reach for success through leading lives with good Christian values. Readers should find themselves enlightened, inspired, and, if needed, motivated to change if some things in their lives need to be changed to achieve holistic well-being and eventually be aware of the significance of being empowered.

What is Empowerment?

Empowering is described as making people feel stronger, confident, and in control of their lives. There are more benefits to an empowered person than just being in complete control of their lives. One of the payoffs of empowered people is that they would feel more motivated to do their tasks or do what they’re passionate about. It is that confidence factor that makes them feel that they can do it, that they’re good enough to do the work at hand, and that they’re capable of innovating, coming up with new ideas, or coming up with solutions to a problem. 

A person who is empowered tends to develop a leadership quality within themselves. They become this person that everyone looks up to, who motivates and inspires others. That person is sending out a message that if they could do it, if they could overcome obstacles to get to where they are right now, then others could do it too. 

Another benefit of being empowered is that the person becomes very much aware of what needs to be improved and sets out to improve or take care of themselves better than before. Empowerment also equates to self-care. Knowing what they want and need makes them confident in making decisions that ultimately affect their physical, mental, and emotional health. This includes a person’s self-esteem. Being self-empowered means being able to go after things that matter to a person, hence, eventually leading to living a peaceful and fulfilled life.

How to be Empowered

Audrey A. Thomas’ book sets out with a message that looking into a person’s life experience is one way to understand them. It’s not a person’s socio-economic factors that define them as individuals. Their individuality, outlook, likes, dislikes, and passion define who and what they are. If a person is aware of their uniqueness as an individual, embraces it, then that person is empowered.

It takes time and a lot of practice for a person to achieve that state, but anyone can be empowered. It all boils down to the choice of the individual person. One way of practicing self-empowerment is to exercise regularly. Exercising helps improve blood circulation, thereby improving the body’s oxygen level, improving the mental process, and improving body performance, leading to a person becoming more confident in their thinking process, which is a characteristic of an empowered person. Meditating and reflecting, taking time to pause and reflect on things happening, is also one way of practicing empowerment. Some would call it being mindful. Mindfulness is being aware and accepting one’s senses, feelings, and thoughts and using those sensations in a beneficial way. 

The readers are taken on an enlightening journey in Audrey A. Thomas’ Your Eyes Can’t See My Heart. The book successfully conveys that empowerment includes a willingness to change, a choice to personally transform to become the person they are meant to be. And with the change comes a growth in intellect and perspective that overcomes any form of hate in today’s society.  

Learn more about what it takes to go through a life-changing transformation to lead better lives. Grab a copy of Audrey A. Thomas’ book on Amazon or visit her website now.


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