Mindshifter: The Mind War by Constantine de Boudox

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Three… are parts of many. Two… are a dreamer and his dream. One… is everything.

There cannot be any others. If others were to exist, then one would no longer be the one but only first… Zero… Zero does not exist except in the imagination as it is the fear of nothingness.” Thus starts Mindshifter: The Mind War regressing to the beginning of the Malkene world when everything was one big mind. The one mind eventually fractured creating the world and everything in it. Every one of the myriad fractals was still connected by an invisible string of common origin, each one of them a single thought in multi-polarized intelligence. In time, the opposite process started to take place. Same as the one mind disintegrated into countless particles, some fractals started to understand their true nature, aspiring to become the one again. Transcending their state as a thought and gaining attributes of a true mind they grew stronger binding and devouring weaker fractals. As a result, the world started to change, slowly covered in dense fog which would over time mutate any object and living creature. The mind manifested, astonished by its creation, deployed endless creativity it had… The results were not always pleasant, sometimes nightmarish, for the mind was not whole, some would even call it mad. What remained of humanity was forced to live in a few isolated areas outside the reach of mystical fog, fighting off mutated creatures emerging from below.

The lorantid

The sudden emergence of mind-controlling lorantides on the east will affect a relatively peaceful west.

Volunteer group departs to the lands of their forefathers to offer a helping hand that holds not only a sharp sword but as it seems mental autonomy and free will of the entire mankind. A few of the brave ones  will join, some simply couldn’t due to disabilities and old age (some of whom will play their part in the story by solving  a centuries-old mystery,) others will  call them foolish and even traitors for going to fight in foreign lands while their own is in peril. A few willing to bet against all odds and take the road of no return, for even before they even get a chance to join the battle in the snow-covered Land of Moving Hills they will have to fly over the expanses covered in fog and dangers it hides.

Brig and the Clan House

Those that survive, can start their journey in earnest, one in which they will interact with many forces, including Gods. To reach the truth and victory they will have to lose everything and battle utter hopelessness. And if they reach it, it won’t be anything like they would expect it to be, not sweet and freeing but leaving a bitter aftertaste and haunting memories of everything that was lost. From this different kind of mind war the strongest one will emerge as a mindshifter, to whom all the mysteries will be revealed. The single thought becoming the mind, fragment expanding into whole… Only one question is left without answer: when mankind’s everlasting hunger for power is finally saturated, is there any humanity left?

What to Expect:

  • High fantasy with unique world-building and never before seen creatures mutated by the fog.
  • Strong accent on mythology based on solipsism philosophical theory
  • Magic is rare and locked into stones by the earth goddess. Magical stones show floral patterns and are used as currency, making spells expensive.
  • Gore, violence, occasional foul language
  • Your favorite character might die

What not to Expect:

  • Highly polished and finished work. My novel is a work in progress and is available to read for free on Royal Road. I’m also working on a rogue-like game taking place in the same universe. The game will incorporate the usage of NFT’s and other blockchain technology, which is another one of my passions, same as writing.
  • Happy ending. Life doesn’t have a happy ending.


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