The Metaphors of Love and Demonstrating Resilience Is What We Can Learn From Jack Weaver’s Memoir

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Every time we read a love story, we immediately feel as if we are characters in that specific story. The reason is that we are greatly affected by how the writer of the story utilizes his or her literary tools. The magical notion of words in which we experience the feeling of being able to relate to the story per se is the best feeling we can get from reading a book. One that is very addictive is that these feelings reflect someone or even ourselves since stories, either fiction or memoirs, are made using the circumstances of everyday lives caused by careful use of literary tools such as metaphors. Reading such a remarkable story of love boosts our feelings of empathy and compassion. Depending on how we interpret the story, it is worth noting that a good story allows us to expand our knowledge and awareness of the world and all its faces.

For instance, Jack Weaver’s book about Alzheimer’s disease whose gripping, poignant, and heart-touching story of a man’s journey of love for his wife and their shared battle against Alzheimer’s Disease. The author, Jack, takes us through the 12 years of his heartwarming and rewarding journey, which he shares with his reader pages over pages. Moreover, the book takes us on a roller coaster of joys, laughter, grief, and ears, and beneath the wings of all of these are the wind of loving arms of the love of his life, his wife, Janey. Both they conquered the ceaseless tribulations brought by the disease that almost ended their lives. But through it all, the faith they have poured out to God and their love for their children and family and for each other gave them strength to continue living and find the light at the end of each tunnel they have come in.

Resilience is not all about floating through life on a breeze or skating by all of life’s many challenges unscathed; instead, it’s about experiencing all of the negative, difficult, and distressing events that life throws at you and staying in the situation, optimistic, and still in a very positive mindset. Self-learned resilience is the type of resilience that someone builds up through effort and experience. It is the offshoot of being aware that you are in the middle of a rough situation, and you use it as your training ground for your self-development, which results in being courageous for another journey that would help in the following chapters of life. 

Jack Weaver’s candid representation of life’s journey takes you to the depth of human resilience and its power. How a person finds a flower in every pale garden and makes it blossom and gives colors to each of the dying flowers around her is very enchanting and magnifying to experience. Psychologists describe resiliency as an ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.

This book teaches readers a new way to look at the destinies of love and being resilient. Jack Weaver’s story reminds us that there is something bigger and bolder than the griefs and struggles; it’s our human passion, courage, and ethos that stand stall like skyscrapers in a city we call life.

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