The Life and Times of Angie Bardot by Angie Bardot

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My memoir, The Life and Times of Angie Bardot, is about embarking on a journey of self-discovery. When my 36-year marriage failed I found myself thrown into the singles arena without any knowledge of how to navigate my way through. The many pitfalls I experienced ranged from misery to mayhem with lots of laughter in between. I learnt the thing one must never lose sight of is their sense of humour!

When I began writing about what I was experiencing the words just flowed like verbal diarrhea. It dawned on me that my predicament, although all too common, was still unique. That was the pivotal point where I changed from ranting mode to writing mode. I decided I had a real story I wanted to tell, like so many people in what I referred to as the dumped 50+ age group and as it turns out, the target audience who would come to know me as tragically endearing, absolutely gullible beyond belief, with a deep-seated desire to become a successful sex goddess. My book wasn’t really about divorce. Divorce was just the beginning of a consequence of events that followed. 

As I began my exploits, I was aware that my behaviour wasn’t even acceptable to myself, so the best way of overcoming any embarrassment was to write under a pseudonym giving me the freedom of expression without worrying what people might think. Having anonymity allowed me the freedom to tell my story boldly unabashed as a “no holds barred” raw, honest, and real portrayal, which enticed people to make their individual and differing judgement regarding my behaviour. My openness in telling the story becomes thought provoking and can align with past or present behaviour, triggering a reaction and because of this, I think the reader can relate to my experiences. Some may be annoyed at me, cry for me, laugh with me but above all I hope that after the last word in my book has been absorbed, and digested, like a scrumptious dessert, they will smile for me and feel sated that I finally got to wherever I was going. I have grown so much in the last few years, gaining a better understanding of what it is to be me. It is my greatest discovery! I hope my story has inspired everyone to find their “me”.

I would love to write all day, every day, but that wouldn’t give me enough time for daydreaming and reading about other authors books in Authors Lounge, which is my favourite pastime. In the near future I will be promoting The Life and Times of Angie Bardot with a promotional edition. This book cover will look the same, however, the size of the printed version will be smaller and maybe just a few bits added to the story!!!!  It could even be a whole new story following on from where I left off which would be a new book entirely. I am excited to follow my journey and see where it takes me next.

These days I have more time on my hands, which does allow me the freedom to do anything I want, that doesn’t include cooking! (The perks of being single). I am located in Australia in the sunny state of Queensland. I like to travel once a year to far off places delving into other peoples’ worlds. I often think how great it would be to have a full- time occupation as a travel writer so I could do the two things I love doing most. Well there may be three things I like doing the most, but let’s not go there…….for now!


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