The Glass of Amontillado by Judy First

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The Glass of Amontillado, by Judy First

This story was born after reading Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, The Cask of Amontillado. Unlike Poe’s masterful story, mine investigates living with the consequences of vengeance when both the protagonist and antagonist get caught in the same trap.  

A couple is now trapped inside the Secret European society called the Jardine du Palais or Garden of Erotic-Flowers. They will serve their Gardener and the society members as Fleurs Érotiques. Their dedications will be for ten years. Before their dedication starts, they both will be transformed, trained, paired, and be made absolutely obedient.  

The Secrect Society members are the rich and powerful elite of Europe. The Garden of Exotic Flowers started almost four centuries ago. There was a political purpose behind its founding. This purpose has survived despite centuries of war between the nations of those who belong to the society. It has seen governments rise and governments fall. There may even be changes to membership. When conflict did happen, the members and their guests would be there to reassemble the pieces and continue their place in society. Jardine du Palais’s purpose continues to be justified, and the costs are considered worthwhile.

Over time complex rituals of membership and punishment have evolved. The simplest involves membership. Only married couples may belong, and membership is passed on from mother to married daughter. A Husband can only be a guest of their wife, who is a member. Any husband who gets divorced or whose wife has died means leaving the society. Only the wives may speak freely at gatherings, and all pleasures are at her discretion. From the membership, the Gardeners will be nominated. Only Gardeners have the responsibilities which come with sponsoring Fleurs Érotiques. The Gardener must ensure the pair of Fleurs Érotiques placed in their care are kept beautiful, talented, entertaining, and available for the pleasure of the members and their guests. The members and their guests would be the first to tell you that European history would have been far more bloody without the influence of the society.  

The entrapped couple, now Fleurs Érotiques, will both learn the meaning of unselfish love. I will not leave you. I will take care of you the best I can. I love you. You know that. I have read no finer declaration of love than this.

The Glass of Amontillado

If you are interested in the story of the secrect society, I wrote a follow-up on the history of the society at my partner’s request. The founding of the society and the histories behind its ritual terms. The Garden of Exotic Flowers, by Judy First

Garden Of Erotic Flowers: The Secret Society Behind The Glass of Amontillado 


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