The Crime and Its Consequences and What we are reading In Kurt Neimann’s Gripping Book

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The book entitled BADGE 411 Based on the Actual Experiences of a Probation Officer by Kurt Niemann is a thrilling, enigmatic, and gripping read for those who want a sublime life experience. Exposing the taboos of the criminal justice system, Niemann’s 32 years as a Probation Officer is an expose of precise storytelling as it intermingles events such as tragedy, comedy, and most of it memorable, giving it excitement and interest to the readers.

The book presents 82 vignettes that precisely describe the author’s experience in his 32 years of duty, then as 12 years as a member of an inner-city unit dealing primarily with gangs and drugs, then dealing with dangerous and uncanny behaviors towards the remaining days of his duty. Dealing with some bad-ass bandits, he reflects on the experience and its sad reality. Tackling the truth about crimes and gangs, the book gives the reader a sense of what it feels like to be in that nature of work and its realizations and the daunting reality of the world.

The sociological impact of crime cause societies to feel unsafe and demands the government to take action. Furthermore, the idea that the crimes have become rampant is due to the fact that it was rotted a long time ago. During the old times, it was believed that most issues that happened during that time were motivated by jealousy, hunger for power, and narcissism. The perfect example is the portrayal of Shakespeare of the actual situation in a decent hierarchical state where to raise his hierarchical ability, Macbeth, who was also encouraged by his wife, to kill the king and become the ultimate king of Scotland. Though fiction, the play suggests that the real motivation for criminal activities can be traced back to right when Shakespeare was on his desk, writing his plays.

Criminal Justice is a crucial topic since it umbrellas almost the essential things happening today. The issue is a broad and sensitive thing to tackle, and the most intriguing part is that most people have their own opinions and prejudices pertaining to the topic. From the topic of criminal activities done on the streets or “Street Crime.” Crimes include pickpocketing, illegal drug trade, graffiti painting or vandalism, and prostitution. Most street crimes are motivated by a lack of financial stability or quick financial gains. However, there are also groups or gangs carried out by organized individuals whose goal is profiteering. To understand these things, the motivation of street crimes has been explored through studies and keen observations that resulted in the different branches of theoretical ideas and thoughts.

One that adds to the motivation for how crime can be made is poverty, unemployment, and parental neglect. Crimes that are characterized by unemployment since in some under-developed are, there is an excellent probability of unemployed adolescents, and the shocking part is these unemployed are not only subject to being an offender but also a subject to street crime. Therefore, we could assert that there is a significant problem ahead that should address as soon as possible. Following the sad reality of abuse and mishandling of the other factors affecting the rights and balance of the society, it is very important to tackle it in a precise and straightway possible to aid immediately since it affects the foundation of the community. People are struggling and struggling because of the crimes that a victim will never be worthy of.

In addition, a significant factor in crime involvement is that people are lowering their sense of self-control. Low self-control leads to a higher risk of committing a crime since having low self-control tend to make you decide without giving much thought about it, and it most likely can lead to violence. Most of the prevailing ideas of criminals situated in our society today are depicted in the book. It suggests that the book is the epitome of awareness and adds to your knowledge about the roundabouts of crime and how our world deals with it.

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