The City Below the Cloud by T. S. Galindo

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The City Below the Cloud

T S Galindo

The City Below the Cloud takes place in a city permanently covered by a cloud so thick that the sun hasn’t been seen for generations, where bioluminescent mushrooms cover the walls of the buildings, drinking the acid rains and trash falls from the sky onto the streets. The story begins as strange things start to happen to sisters, Kalan and Sett that pull them into the secrets of the city.

The story started out as a short story but kept growing. I wanted to explore the idea of a city in perpetual darkness. I thought about what possible reasons for the constant darkness could be and decided on a cloud; then more details bubbled up until an entire world formed. As the people in the city came alive, so did the story and it grew until a short story couldn’t quite contain it and a book was needed.

I didn’t write The City Below the Cloud with an intended audience in mind, but I think anyone from teenagers and older would enjoy it. Some themes might be a little dark for younger readers so that I wouldn’t suggest it to younger than fourteen. The ideal audience would be someone who likes dark, dystopian science-fiction stories focused on philosophy and mystery.

A lot of my writing comes from my own explorations of existence and philosophy. I think it’s important for people to grapple with the absurd and challenge established ways of thinking to find the reasoning behind them. When one finds those reasons, if they’re not satisfactory, then those old ways should be abandoned. I hope my writing sparks ideas in my readers and encourages them to look at the world around them in a new way, to discover what the world around them really is and also the possibilities of what it could be. If my writing helps to enlighten someone to become a better person and make the world a better place, then I’ll be happy.

Initially, I wrote The City Below the Cloud as a stand-alone story. I wanted the reader to fill in the rest of the story with what would happen next, but the more I explore the world in my mind, the more opportunity I see for future stories. I’m currently working on a short story collection in a different world. The stories in the collection all revolve around a technology think-tank called ‘The Institute’ where many strange, and potentially universe-ending, experiments are being performed. Once I’ve finished the collection, I’ll return to The City Below the Cloud to continue the story in one or two full-length novels.

I grew up watching science fiction movies and television like Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Alien, Flight of the Navigator, and Short Circuit. These stories resonated with me because of the possibilities I saw for our future in them. I wanted to make the things I saw become reality, so I became a mechanical engineer. I always enjoyed writing stories growing up and in high school but fell out of practice in college. Then I found various speculative fiction podcasts like The Drabblecast and Escape Pod. These and others re-ignited my desire to write, so I started writing down story ideas and developing them. One hope I have is to have a short story published by one of those podcasts. 

I’d like to thank the Author’s Lounge for the opportunity to present my story on their platform. Stories are the way that humanity shares and explores its experiences, so it’s always good to have as many diverse methods and places to share those stories. 

Few things endure like fear and fungus.

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