The Chivalry of Selfless Service

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Is chivalry still alive? What does it mean to be of service to others? Is doing a selfless service act worthwhile? It can be challenging, but yes, performing a selfless act of service is something worth doing. Service is the act of helping someone out, doing the work for someone else or doing something on behalf of someone else. Selfless service is doing something for others without expecting or asking anything in return. The word volunteering is often linked with selfless service. The interest of others comes first when a selfless act is performed. Chivalry, albeit medieval-sounding, in modern times is the word that best describes a person who is very kind, honest, and polite to others. Think of chivalrous knights, and think of an ideal gentleman. Hence, in an ideal world, selfless service is a chivalrous act. 

The fable story by Walter Hoge, Easter: McEaster Valley, brings to light the essence of selfless service, what it means and why it is essential in a person’s life. Hoge points out that the meaning of a wealthy, happier, and healthier life is a life of responsibility and commitment to care for the community and the planet that the people live in without asking for anything in return. It is a life of service to others in gratitude to man’s creator. 

Payoffs of serving others   

First and foremost, to serve others is to perform acts without pursuing the doer’s own personal interest. Inadvertently, there are some benefits stemming from serving others. One surprising, unconscious benefit is that serving and helping others makes the doer feel good about themselves. Serving others has a positive impact and feeling on the person performing the service, usually associated with the feeling of happiness. It boosts the person’s feeling of self-esteem and further motivates the doer to have an active lifestyle and to continue doing the good act.  

A selfless act is contagious. In today’s modern world, if something is “contagious,” it goes “viral.” The act becomes a trend that inspires others to do the same. Once the selfless service goes viral, the payoff is that it promotes and spreads the feelings of faith, hope, and love. It promotes optimism in man’s kindness and compassion. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of doing and emulating the same good deed.

Another benefit of selfless service is that it increases a person’s overall well-being. The act of service by itself is a physical act. Doing a good deed makes a person want to get up, get on their feet, and help and serve others. Physically, it makes a person healthy from doing all the activities to help others. Mentally and emotionally, it helps reduce stress by enhancing the sense of satisfaction, contentment, and happiness through the person’s work by serving others. Socially, it helps alleviate social isolation or loneliness through interaction while helping others.  

A Children’s Book Masterpiece

Hoge masterfully crafted the book to engage readers, both the young and the old, with his character in the story and the magical world that he created. In the book, the author talks about this strange, otherworldly place that’s so tranquil, so serene, and so wonderful that his character finds it difficult to leave behind. The imagery that he painted out this place to be is a metaphor for a place or a state of living that a person should aim for; that is a healthier and happier life. 

Hoge primarily dedicates his books to his children, intending to guide them towards how to live a mission and a purpose-filled life. A purpose geared towards caring and cherishing the gift of life and through acts of selfless commitment to helping others. That way, people can say that chivalry is still very much alive.

Read more about Walter Hoge’s enchanting tale of life in Easter: McEaster Valley. Grab a copy of his book on Amazon, or visit the author’s website.


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