The Cave Man Action Adventure Box Set by David Donaghe

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Hello. My name is David Donaghe and I write short stories and novels. I live on the high desert of Southern California. I would like to thank the Author’s Lounge for posting this article. The Cave Man Action Adventure Box Set is five short stories from the Cave Man Action Adventure Series. The first story, Biker Heaven takes place in 1968. Zombies rise from the grave, and Cave Man gets bit. Even though he is suffering from the virus and feeling a craving for human flesh, Cave Man helps his brothers in the Road Dogs motorcycle club get to safety. In the end, rather than becoming a flesh eating zombie, Cave Man lets the road take him and plows into a tree on his motorcycle at one hundred and ten miles an hour and earns his ticket to Biker Heaven.

In the second story, the Devils Punch Bowl, Cave man and his bros come back from Biker Heaven on their spirit bikes as trouble shooters to help the bros still alive on earth. The Road Dogs are in a war not only with an evil motorcycle club known as the Hell Raisers, but they are also battling a pack of vile demons from the pits of hell. The final battle takes place in a punch bowl shaped valley known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl. The stakes are high because it is more than just a fight between two motorcycle clubs. It’s a battle for souls.

In the third story, Bring a Brother Home, Cave man comes back from the great beyond to escort Sonny, a former Road Dog chapter president home to biker heaven. Sonny is dying from cancer. In the process, Cave man has to fight off the grim reaper as well as a horde of the Devil’s imps who want to drag Sonny’s soul down to the pits of hell. In the process Sonny get to attend his own funeral.

In the fourth story, Lead Belly, Cave Man leaves Biker Heaven to help a brother in distress. Lead Belly, after losing his girl friend to a drug over dose is contemplating suicide. Cave Man comes back and they take a ride through space and time. Cave Man shows him what most likely would have happened if his girl friend didn’t die, what most likely would happen if Lead Belly kills himself and what most likely will happen if he doesn’t. In the end the choice is up to Lead Belly. He has a choice to make: either pull the trigger or blow his brains out, or don’t.

In the fifth story, Pops, Cave Man takes a ride through time on his spirit bike, goes back in time and watches his father’s life like a movie. He watches him come back from World War Two and he watches his own birth. He watches his father and his father’s friends start the Road Dogs motorcycle club in the fifties and then he is there when he dies from a heart attack in the sixties. In the process he gets to know his father better and the love between a father and a son grows stronger.

The Lost Highway is a bonus story. In the Lost Highway, Cave Man leaves Biker Heaven to rescue Bone Crusher from the Lost Highway. The Lost Highway is the biker version of purgatory. The guilt from the bad things he did in life sends Bone Crusher to the Lost Highway. In life Bone Crusher was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. The job to rescue Bone Crusher from the Lost Highway falls to Cave man because, in life Cave Man killed Bone Crusher while trying to defend his bros in the Road Dogs MC. To get off the highway, Bone Crusher has two choices; either go to Biker Heaven or to Biker Hell. The choice is up to him.

These stories are all a part of the Cave Man Action Adventure Series and they are available separately at Amazon, but you can read the entire series in one volume, with a few additional stories that were not published alone, if you download, Tales from the Lost Highway. I think you will enjoy the Cave Man Action Adventure Box Set, as well as Tales from the Lost Highway. They are fun, gritty biker-paranormal stories that will keep you entertained. If you chose to download any of my books I would appreciate it if you would post a review, follow me on twitter, friend me on face book and check out my other books on Also if you do download any of my books, send me a message and let me know what you think. I love hearing from reader. Once again I would like to thank the Author’s lounge for posting this article, so until next time, keep the sunny side up and your face in the wind.

The Cave Man Action Adventure Box Set

Tales from the Lost Highway


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