The Bond Between Christ and Children: Innocence of Youth

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There is a bond between Christ and children that cannot be broken, and Jesus hears children’s prayers to fulfill them, for they are foremost among the inheritors of heaven.

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

– Matthew 19:14

While we kneel within churches, Jesus kneels not in grand cathedrals but beside scraped knees and beneath starry skies. He listens intently to the whispered prayers of all his followers. And chief among them are the children. For in the eyes of the divine, there is no prayer too simple, no voice too small.

The Bond Between Christ and Children

Children’s prayers are often unburdened by the complexities of adulthood. They plead for scraped knees to heal, lost puppies to return, and bedtime monsters to stay at bay. Yet, within these seemingly uncomplicated pleas lies a profound understanding of dependence and trust. 

The bond between Christ and children is not always about granting wishes. Sometimes, he answers with comfort in the midst of fear, whispering courage into a heart that’s been tossed all around. Other times, he answers with wisdom beyond a child’s years. But guides them towards choices that align with their truest selves. 

The Bible offers us glimpses into the bond between Christ and children. We see him blessing them and declaring the kingdom of heaven to belong to such as these. We hear him rebuke those who would keep children from him, for in their innocence and openness, they possess a faith that puts many adults to shame.

Throughout history, countless stories speak of the bond between Christ and children. The boy who prayed for rain and brought an end to a drought. The girl who whispered for hope and found the strength to face a bully. The child who was lost in the woods called out to Jesus and was guided home by a newfound sense of direction. These are not mere fables. They are testaments to the power of a child’s prayer, a power that resonates with the very heart of God.

Preserving the Innocence of Youth

But how can we, as adults, nurture this precious gift in our own children and ourselves?

  • Establish a space where children can express their worries, hopes, and dreams, both big and small. Let them know that their prayers matter, no matter how silly or serious they may seem.
  • Make prayer a regular part of your family life, whether it’s a simple bedtime ritual or a more involved devotional time. Hearing adults can model the act of faith for children and show them that prayer is a natural part of life.
  • Expose children to stories from the Bible and other sources that showcase the power of prayer and the love of God for his children. Plant seeds of faith that can blossom inside their hearts.
  • Let your own life be a testament to the power of prayer. When children see their parents and caregivers turning to God in times of trouble and joy, they learn that prayer is not just for kids but for everyone. This is especially so because Jesus hears children’s prayers.

So, let us encourage the children in our lives to keep praying, to keep believing, and to keep reaching out to the one who loves them more than words can say. For in the end, it is not the eloquence of our prayers that matters but the sincerity of our hearts. And in the eyes of Jesus, a child’s heart is always pure gold.

May we all learn to pray with the faith of a child, trusting that even the smallest whispers can reach the greatest ears. May we always remember that in the eyes of Jesus, there is no prayer too simple, no voice too small.


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