The Attic by Mark D Radford

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The Attic is a short story about time travel, relationships, murders and friendship. Without giving too much away, Gavin Mills moved into his flat and only moved the items that he needed in his life. There was no reason to store any of his belongings into the attic, Gavin didn’t believe in that. One evening. he was spending some time with his girlfriend Tracey Saunders who was a very demanding lady. Tracey claimed that she could hear noises from the Attic, possibly a rodent. Reluctantly Gavin eventually investigated. 

  When he did so, it was then that he realised that the previous owners did not take everything with them. He did not let on to Tracey about what he found but did discuss and showed his findings to his friend Richie Wells. 

   From this point, they encountered experiences that they would never forget. The idea allowed me to study about unresolved murders from many years ago. The murders are factual (nonfiction), but as the cases were never closed. The crimes were unseen when they took place, so this is where the time travel part comes into place and this part of the novel is fictional.

  What inspired me to write this book? I love a good challenge and always welcome ideas from family, friends and my readers to write about requested events. I do of course have many ideas for future publications already in my own mind. 

  At various times, I have been requested to write about various topics and bring them into one novel. Some good examples are shown in my previous titles – The Lift, Revenged, Ernie, The Expedition and or course this title – The Attic. I was challenged to write about unresolved murders, time travel and a rocky relationship and the Attic is the end product.

   I do hope that this book encourages the readers to look back at the history or these unresolved crimes. It is a very emotional topic when you read about what the victims went through. In all of my titles, I always try to bring the reader close to the characters, so they can feel the emotions and relate to their situation at the time. My titles are aimed to provide that little food for thought as most things that are happening around us are not always what they seem.

  My future plans and goals for this book are the same as my other titles, I want the reader to enjoy my work. I always like feedback whether it is through Amazon, Goodreads or through my website.

  I am a guy who has quite a lot of stories yet to tell and will enjoy sharing them in time. As all of my books fall into various genres. When I first started writing back in 2004, my target has always been to vary my work. I never want to write about the same topic or subject in hope that there is a title out there for all readers with all interests. By the end of this year, I will reach twenty published titles and have so many other ideas to build on this.

 At the moment I am self-published author and yes, there is that hope to take things further and maybe one day work with an agent or publisher. If I reach that ultimate goal, it will be a dream come true. I do plan to write long into my retirement (8 years) as I am learning about the world that we live in more with every book. 

  I do like to research when it comes to writing so it can build that platform in my head and create my own world which is a great inspiration. Not only does this educate me, but this also inspires me to think what it is or was like to be in that situation. I then bring this into a world as I see it and share this with my readers. In regard to the title Ernie, I wanted to write about the war. I studied three wars and stories told by those who lived through these times. I then combined the three wars into a place in my mind and created Ernie.  

 Writing always takes me to my comfort zone, in my own little world if you like – It removes any negativity and stresses around me. I hope my work can being the same to my readers.

 More details about me, my work on the and so much more can be found on my website –


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