Supremacists Anonymous Workbook by M.B. Osborne M.D.

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The United Nations (UN) Chief calls white supremacy a ‘transnational threat’ (Reuters Feb 22, 2021) The United States (U.S.) President says that white supremacy is the ‘most lethal’ threat to America (Examiner Apr 29, 2021) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declares racism a public health threat (NPR Apr 8, 2021) Biden administration invites UN experts on racism to visit U.S. in bid to combat racial injustice (CNBC Jul 14, 2021)

Inspired by learning about the sequence of repeated, pervasive indifference to human depravity over the last 400 years (thousands of years in more extensive, separate research), I developed this book to be part of a future where the UN, CDC, U.S. and many other countries can use it as a tool to help neutralize societal threats against diversity. Do you want humanity to progress faster than ever before? Then we must work to end the immorality that divides us and erodes human potential. This workbook is a self-help resource for people who seek to progress past the primitive and obsolete constructs called racism and white supremacy. Many people in dominant groups will deny the existence of racism and white supremacy. Denial is also primitive because it becomes permission to ignore how problems destroy people. This workbook can challenge you to break through the systemic denial of racism and white supremacy. Authors Lounge invites you to take on this challenge of helping to rid the world of violent and divisive parts of many cultures. The world is our community, and to advance forward means shedding repetitive behaviors from the ugly past that degrade, oppress, destroy, and hate our differences; we love rainbows because of their mixture of colors. The key to ultimate progressiveness is in bringing the richness of our differences together. In this book, you can feel the inspiration and freedom of reading first-person testimony from a recovered white supremacist. Learn how living to act out hate, no matter how subtle or blatant, is both self-destructive and destructive of others, especially families and friends. The techniques in this workbook are not only fun to do and easy to understand, but also highly effective. All a person needs to complete the techniques is the will to want to progress.

Developed by a doctor with more than 30 years of expertise in human behavior, in collaboration with a former supremacist, this book contains accurate knowledge that can help you move past ancient and mythical belief systems. For instance, in 2003, after 13 years of intensive analyses in collaboration with many world renown researchers, The Human Genome Project was completed. By completely mapping the human genome, we now know without a doubt that diversity in appearances between Black, White, Brown, and Tan people is the result of a 0.1% difference in genetic material. A White and a Black person share 99.9% of the same genes. People of varying skin tones and hair textures are factually one single race. To clarify, DNA is the material in living cells that carries genetic information (genes) and, at the DNA level, human beings of every skin color are all 99.9% identical. Most people do not know this. Some that know, still refuse to believe these well-researched facts. Science has disproven many myths and lies of the past. If you did not know this fact before, the details of The Human Genome Project are readily available online for the public to read at:

Understanding the hold which the illusion of supremacy has on the mind is another point of progress. Your spirit, not in a religious context, is that part of your mind that holds the most control over your behaviors and attitudes. Once your spirit is hijacked by religious and secular influences under the supremacy mantra, you become one of billions of victims of mind-control. Either directly or indirectly (through your parents or grandparents), many spiritual and religious organizations are ground-zero for building and reinforcing your convictions of supremacy. In the book, Bible Uncensored (, you can read detailed history about religious training grounds that nurture supremacy beliefs and how censorship supports that training. Once your spirit identifies as someone better than (supreme) others, there seems to be nothing that you wouldn’t do to sustain that supreme illusion.

Mind-control means a state where a person’s ‘free will’ is subverted by influential people (clergy, politicians, law enforcement, family, etc.) by means of psychological tactics; but most of the people using these tactics are not psychologists. The people who are most skilled at controlling your mind and motivating you to action or inaction are not in the healthcare fields. The concept of mind-control is often used interchangeably with the word brainwash which is used to describe the act through which a person’s mind is controlled by outside influences. You may not believe that this applies to you at all. Most people under mind-control are unable to recognize that their ‘free will’ is not their own. Their ‘free will’ is controlled by others without informed consent or awareness. Find out who really controls your free-will. Learn how to take back the controls and make them your own. Learn how to understand your personality and the assumptions that drive it.

Are you ready for self-improvement that can help you and your family progress for generations to come? This book can help you make that happen.

The link is below and the price is low. The benefits of self-improvement will be priceless.


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