Lynda’s Tools: Success for Children With Disabilities

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Advocating success for children with disabilities, Lynda Drake provides a guide and practical tools to help parents guide these children to a prosperous adulthood.

They say nobody is truly prepared for parenting, given there’s no predicting how children will be. However, these challenges reach new heights when parenting children with disabilities.

Being a parent, per se, requires time, knowledge, and authority. But parenting kids with special needs, as in the name, requires special effort and control. This takes raises parenting to a whole new level. It involves an extensive preparatory process and an even more challenging execution. From the diagnoses transition down to managing treatments and helping achieve success for children with disabilities, parenting these kids requires extreme patience and even creativity.

It can be overwhelming. Yet, at the same time, parents may also be guilt-ridden the moment they feel this exhaustion creeping in. It feels like either acknowledging they aren’t capable of parenthood or blaming these children for something they have no control over. However, nobody judges any parent for expressing how exhausting the responsibility is. In fact, no parent must bear the weight alone.

Lynda Drake Reaches Out a Helping Hand

In her book and classes, Lynda Drake emphasizes the complexities of raising children with disabilities. She approaches and shares these details from an honest and vulnerable perspective. As a mother battling and overcoming the challenges of parenting children with disabilities, Lynda knows how tough it can be to guide these children toward development.

How should development even be qualified for them? How is it any different from other kids of separate circumstances? Answering these questions can be confusing to any parent. Fortunately, Lynda offers her insight to help them face the unique challenge of finding success for children with disabilities.

She knows how demanding this whole process can be.

Lynda knows the ins and outs of it because she has experienced everything.

And she knows parents must go along with life’s challenges instead of going against them.

One of the primary factors she believes influences how parenthood plays out for some parents is their illusion of perfection. Once people are in this endeavor, they want to be the perfect symbol, the quintessential parents. Some might even want their children to be perfect – cue, the overly strict and controlling parents. However, this idea of parenthood is nothing but an illusion. In fact, if such exists, genuine parental love becomes nothing but an outlined and insincere process.

Parents must accept themselves and their children as they are. Yes, they must give them love and help achieve success for children with disabilities. But in doing so, they must embrace and learn to be comfortable in the imperfection.

Achieving Success for Children With Disabilities

Lynda Drake provides parents with practical tools that can help guide their children toward success. These tools are designed to help them find their passion and develop these alongside the skills they need to live a more empowered life. Children with disabilities might struggle to find a footing in a society that prioritizes other children, but with their parents’ sincere help, they can succeed.

Explore Their Gifts and Interests

Special children may be more similar to others than what their parents make them to be. They develop interests and passions like every other child. Hence, parents must be appreciative and encouraging of the activities their children are doing.

They can achieve new heights if parents help them take the first steps. Lynda Drake encourages parents to empower their children by nurturing their talents and allowing them to develop even further.

Allow Them to Live Naturally

Parents are incredibly protective of their children. For children with disabilities, parents become even more protective in fear of their children being the center of bullying and other dangers. While this doesn’t mean, parents should let them suffer, children with disabilities must be less protected and allowed to experience the world more freely.

They shouldn’t be shunned from negative emotions for fear that they wouldn’t know how to cope with these. In fact, the more they’re protected, the more they’ll have trouble coping. Hence, let these children feel these adverse emotions, allow them to manage, and let these ruin their days. By being this open, parents are molding them to be stronger.

Success for children with disabilities can be achieved similarly to how other children do.


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