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I’m Patrick Dugan, the author of the Darkest Storm trilogy and the Watcher of Astaria series. Thank you to Jennifer for inviting me to talk about my novel, Storm Forged on Author’s Lounge.

What is your book all about?

Storm Forged follows Tommy Ward, a fifteen-year-old boy with superpowers. You would think that being Gifted would make his life awesome, but after a massive terrorist attack destroyed half the world’s population, the tables are turned and all Gifted have been collared and stripped of their abilities. All Tommy ever wanted was to go to school, make friends, meet girls, play video games. You know, the stuff normal high school kids do. Only Tommy isn’t normal, and the silver inhibitor collar around his neck lets everybody know it.

His life takes a massive turn when he finds out his father, one of the most infamous Gifted, is captured and forced to participate in a popular televised game show, where the only prize is death. Tommy and his friends vow to save his dad, but without their powers, how will they do it?

What inspired you to write the book?

My son loved Power Rangers when he was little. I started thinking that after a while the normal people would kick the Power Rangers out since they destroy the city every episode. From there the idea of Tommy came into being. I wanted to explore what happens when the class at the top of the food chain suddenly find themselves as outcasts.

What is your target audience for the book?

The audience for the book is along the lines of Hunger Games or Divergent. I don’t consider Storm Forged to be YA due to the darker themes associated with it, so I’d put in firmly in the Science Fiction category. People who are under represented or feel like outcasts have gravitated toward the series.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

Traditional super hero novels are all about the powers, where Storm Forged is more character-driven. First and foremost, I wanted readers to connect with the characters. I wanted to reader to get a feel for these kids and all they go through, living as second class citizens in a world that hates and fears them; their powers are secondary.

I’ve been told by my readers that the story resonates with them because most of us have been bullied or treated like we don’t matter. Tommy’s journey to overcome obstacles to be in a safer place is a reminder that things will get better once we push through the obstacles in our lives.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

I’ve signed with Andy Zack of the Zack Company to represent me in getting two more of my novels sold. One is a cyberpunk heist book, and the other is urban fantasy. I’m finishing the Watchers of Astaria series, with the last book scheduled to be released in June of 2022. I’ll be writing a new fantasy novel and a series of D&D like adventure novellas this year.

As for as the Darkest Storm trilogy goes, it is complete so any Hollywood people who want to make it into a movie, now is the time.

And something more about yourself

I love technology. I’m a computer programmer as my day job, and I love to 3D print all sorts of fun stuff. I have an Etsy Store called Distracted Dragon 3D. I sell plans and figures, which is a lot of fun. I’ve also been making geeky charcuterie boards which will eventually make their way onto the store.

You can find me at where you can sign up for my newsletter to get all the latest news and get a free short story based on the Darkest Storm. I’m on Instagram and Facebook as PatrickDuganAuthor and @P_Dugan on Twitter.

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  1. Dennis Myers

    The Darkest Storm series would make a great television series. Plenty to explore in that world. Great characters, both the ones that are likable, and the ones that are not. Well done. I am also enjoying the Watchers of Astaria. Looking forward to the next book.


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