Spotting Scams: How ReadersMagnet Ticks All Factors

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It’s tricky telling which companies in the online world are legitimate and which are not. But with these few factors, checking a company’s legitimacy becomes easy.

Unfortunately, fraud is becoming an ordinary occurrence in the world. While the internet has made purchasing trouble-free, it has also increased people’s risk of getting tricked by dishonest companies. With this, people are forced to be highly cautious of every transaction they make. While this includes online and offline transactions, this is more commonly true in online businesses.

These companies can easily blend in and make themselves look legitimate in the online world.

They can dress their websites up and make them look decent, so whenever people click, they’re likely to believe the website is authentic. And when it comes to reviews, something that would have given customers the upper hand in distinguishing legitimate from fraud, they can be easily falsified.

What is there to know about Readersmagnet’s Legitimacy?

ReadersMagnet has constantly faced suspicion. While the company has continuously proved its legitimacy by contributing to book events and successfully publishing numerous books, skeptics are still doubting its legitimacy.

Once people have read and believed the information, it can be hard to make them think otherwise. And such can be associated with what’s happening to ReadersMagnet’s reputation.

Since its establishment last 2016, ReadersMagnet has continuously delivered publishing and marketing services to aspiring authors. While it started as a small company, ReadersMagnet aimed big with what it could offer to help its clientele promote its books. This includes working with prestigious book events and supporting its authors exhibit their published works. Despite these initiatives and awards, words still go around that its services are fraudulent.

Luckily, factors help interested authors further evaluate ReadersMagnet’s legitimacy. These are possible green or red flags they must consider before reaching out to the company for their publishing and marketing needs.

Do they have customer reviews?

As mentioned, one of the first factors that will help interested customers detect a company’s legitimacy is the existence of reviews.

But can’t they be easily fabricated? Of course, people shouldn’t quickly and openly trust everything they read on the internet. A dishonest company can stomach faking reviews for its benefit. People can recognize if the reviews are fabricated if they’re all extremely positive and complimentary. After all, no company wants its reputation to go down due to negative evaluations.

In ReadersMagnet’s case, customers are always provided with genuine reviews. In fact, when one searches about the company, one may see a range of opinions from authors who have used its services.

Does this mean they’re doing bad business?

Having negative or “lower-than-five-stars” reviews may undermine a business’s reputation. But this doesn’t always mean the company is doing a terrible job. A customer’s review is heavily based on their preferences. A positive review from one customer implies the company has adhered to one’s standards, but the contrary doesn’t immediately mean lousy business. After all, there will always be room for improvement and growth.

Do they have legitimate business details?

Acquiring a domain webpage and address is extremely easy. This is why it’s likewise accessible for dishonest companies to create a website that looks legitimate.

Customers can check the company’s legitimacy beyond its website by checking whether its contact information is accurate and working. While webpages can be easily fabricated, verifying whether the information is working can be easy.

Customers can check in and inquire about the company’s services. The more detailed the questions are, the easier it is to distinguish legitimate from not. Companies will always be willing and prepared to answer customers’ inquiries.

ReadersMagnet provides accurate and accessible contact information for any inquiries. To start, interested customers can reach out to 1-800-805-0762 and ask away about its services.

Do they have decent content?

Phony businesses won’t waste their time providing good quality content. This content can include photos of events or their products, videos, or articles about their services.

A huge red flag for online businesses is the usage of stock photos. The presence of these photos on the website doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bogus site. But if every photo on the website is a stock photo, then it’s high time to be extra cautious.

Regardless of their industry, online companies often have blog posts or articles linked to their website. These articles provide possible customers or curious readers with a further look into the company’s services. They are also a great source of information about the company’s achievements.

When customers click on the ReadersMagnet website, they are immediately introduced to a rich collection of articles. Some of these articles talk about the events that the company has attended. Others present the awards ReadersMagnet has achieved. And most are promotional articles for the authors that availed of their services.

Is ReadersMagnet Legitimate?

The abovementioned factors are some ways to determine a company’s legitimacy. And as observed, ReadersMagnet has checked out all of them. This technically proves their legitimacy. Despite what other accounts say, it’s better to check the company’s legitimacy personally.


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