Something About Ruth

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Hello, I am author JC Miller, and my latest novel, Something About Ruth (a Christian Fiction Romance), was inspired by my favorite section of the Bible– Ruth. Ruth is a small book that delivers a BIG punch. It is named after one person, but is about three people. The build-up leading to the relationships between these strangers is what I heavily focused on in writing Something About Ruth. After Hurricane Katrina, each person experiences a significant loss, and each must rebuild. Fate brings them together in a turnaround of events that further test their survival and faith. Without giving all the details away, I will say that:

Naomi is a bitter mother, recently widowed.

Ruth is a young woman navigating her way through life in the Bronx without any parental guidance.

Boaz is a promising young entrepreneur sheltering his heart. 

Just like the biblical version, Something About Ruth leans on the promise that God is at work through the rough times as well as every aspect of our daily lives, bringing everything together for His good. And that is why I want people to read my books and gain a curiosity that leads to reading the Bible. I do a lot of research, and ultimately it is my desire, through writing entertaining novels, to show that the Bible is not as complicated as we make it out to be. It is the heart of God on paper. So many of life’s pitfalls can be avoided simply by reading about the pitfalls of others. That is what the bible does… and that is what I attempt to do.

My target audience is middle-aged to seasoned women who understand the struggles of inner-city living and hold fast to their faith and family while spicing it all up with humor, music, culture, and love. While not limited to this audience, it is them that I write for. I am a part of ‘them,’ and I understand the need to see us in more mainstream stories. Something About Ruth is all me– from the concrete jungle of the Bronx, New York, to the southern dialects of my ancestors. My characters are fictional versions of their biblical selves while taking on the personalities of myself and people I know and have encountered. My books reenact biblical stories while bringing the characters into the world where I grew up. I chose an urban setting because it is what I know… and frankly, I have not seen that done… in this way. This is why I continue to find and create spaces that showcase Black and Brown people at different levels. Platforms that inspire, uplift, and educate. I am the co-founder of a publishing company, Jess, Mo’ Books, with my childhood friend, M.R. Spain. Together, we are creating fresh content to uplift, educate, and motivate women through blogs, social media groups, and a yearly online magazine. I am also enrolled in a film writing class, where I intend to learn how to bring my books onto the big screen. 

I would love for readers to reach out and tell me about themselves and their impressions of the books. My email address is [email protected] and my social media platforms are under @author_JC_miller on Facebook and Instagram, and @authorjcmiller on Twitter. If you are interested in purchasing my books you can do so through Amazon or my website Thank you Authors’ Lounge for having me.

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