Someone Else’s Nightmare

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With this great opportunity and gratitude I would like to personally thank, The Authors Lounge for featuring my book, ‘Someone Else’s Nightmare’.

To give you some details about this story.  Someone Else’s Nightmare takes the place, of a young Mother and her Daughter living in Europe, for many years. Though her Mother suddenly passed away, from a tragic fall. Olivia who is the main character. She had to make drastic changes, to survive. So she arranged a big move from Europe to stay with a sibling in Chicago. Olivia was in a chaotic mess, Her past had messed her up, with many mental issues. Her Dr. prescribed her medication, also due to the fact of her mother’s death.   When the arrangements were made, she had to leave her home, where she resided for 25 years. Her beloved Dog, she had to give up, for the long flight would be too hard on him.  She loved that dog with all her heart. She didn’t have a choice. As the days were closer to her departure, she left. She said her goodbyes to her friends and left an older daughter behind. Not realizing that Olivia will never see her again.  Olivia, and her Daughter Kiki, arrived in Chicago under her brother’s wing to live in a complex. She was mesmerized by the kindness of the doormen and people, she has been away from the States since 1992. Things have changed, for in Europe she felt she was closed in, in a bubble where there was much of nothing. 

  She made a few friends here and there. Especially a gentleman who worked at the complex as a maintenance man. Though she wasn’t interested in him, as he was in her. Walking through the gardens of beauty, a path that lures you into the most draught, broken down, dark moment. Your curiosity gets the best of you, you hesitate, look back, and a hand reaches out to you grabbing it, not realizing what you are getting into. Olivia is a new gal in town. She comes back to her hometown, to start a new life with her daughter. She meets Darren, who seems to be a swell guy, though with his addiction, and past life. Turns into a distressed mess. Welcome to someone else’s nightmare. Not a dream, but a reality.

  What inspired me to write this book, was real-life experience built into a story, fiction that is. Though most of the chapters in this story are real, and I wanted people to read it. Not so much in a shock, but just to understand that things do happen, and those things that happen make a great story. 

 My target audience for my book would be 18 and over. There are a few chapters that could trigger someone younger. 

 What would I expect my readers to understand about my book? Probably just understand and support. I never really thought about it. It’s just a story. My future goals/plans for the book? Like every Author, we want to hit big, of course. Though I have written several books. But for this particular book. Just to get it out there to be noticed. So readers know I exist, or my books, that would be nice. A little about myself, born in a small suburb of Illinois. I began writing when I worked at a library in IL. I felt connected to all the materials. My job was not only as a librarian but also book repairer. I often wondered, how many times I saw torn pages, coffee stains, or the binding was worn. My passion was to mend these books back to a readable stage. I felt a sense of compassion and admired each book that was written by Authors, perhaps like herself, and she needed to get the books back on the shelf in good standing.

My love of each book written, on the library shelves, inspired me to write. I wrote my first children’s story, back then manuscripts were sent to publishers from the writers’ guild or magazines. Each time I sent one out, it was rejected. I was discouraged and gave up. Time went by, and I grew up, got married, and had my children. My mother, God rest her soul. Encouraged me to write a novel. She always told me I would be an author one day, for all my writing was done on my lap. I waved a hand, “Nah!” I kept journals. wrote in them each day. Wrote stories, but never published. I lived in the Czech Republic for many years. After my mother passed away, I began writing again and was set to publish. My Mother would have been proud. I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I enjoy writing, cats, cooking, astrology, drawing, crafting, and bringing joy to others. Despite my lifelong illness, I make my days positive, even when I’m not feeling well. I am in the process of writing more books in the future. I have written 8, also under my pen name. Val Perina. I enjoy spending time with cats, whom I take care of in my free time, where I can relax and write.

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