Sneak Peak for My New Book: Three Ways to Ignite Clarity, Confidence and Rock Your Dreams

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by Emily Yurcheshen

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life that you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau Decide you’re worth it! Entertain the inkling that your unique essence is needed and wanted here and now on this planet. You are a song worth singing! Love yourself even if there’s a part of you that feels not good enough, ugly, broke or destined to be alone the rest of your life.

After a wonderful Zoom international student concert that I emceed, wonderful until it was time to share my screen, and I accidentally clicked on a Youtube video, which to my chagrin, recently added advertisements. I ended up clicking on a women’s bra ad. Just as we were concluding a hitch-less online performance, I inadvertently gave a boob show to all my students and their relatives from around the world.

This was a turning point for me, an aha moment that I was determined to squeeze out every bit of cosmic juice I could. I chose not to wallow in shame and tell the repetitive narrative: I have a technological curse that I just simply can’t do a thing about. Instead, I strolled around my neighborhood and asked the universe for guidance. I received the input to post the video, laugh off my mistake and let it go. As I was downloading the show and snipping off the bra shot, I received a text on my phone from my friend, a sweet soul who gets sucked into the sad side of his life.

This is a quote from the text message, “ I have come to the conclusion that I will be alone forever with just my dog. I have had too much trauma and I’m an ugly person and don’t have anything to bring to the table… it’s too late.”

What is it about the human condition that leads us to believe such crap about ourselves? Why do we err on the side of self loathing when our essence is love? When we come into this life, we are absolute perfect love. Returning to this knowing and embodying it is my lifelong quest, but it isn’t easy. Many of us get tangled in beliefs that are the shadow of the light of who we truly are.

We all have the potential to rock our dreams into reality, but first we have to commit to the dream regardless of how crazy it may appear at the time. When I first started guitar, I dreamt, as many budding musicians do, of becoming a rock star. I bought a sea green electric guitar and played for hours all the 80’s rock hits, or at least the parts I could figure out and then would write my own. Writing songs transformed me, for music became my inner compass. Emotional expression drove me deeper into my own power and the strong feminine voices of Patty Griffin, Heart, and Pat Benetar taught me that I had a voice too. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it, for it didn’t sound like the rockers I knew. I searched for a sound that ignited me, a vibration that helped me feel more alive. It reminded me that I am stronger than I ever imagined, more beautiful than I ever saw in the mirror just being ME! When we commit to our dream, we align with a deeper truth that may remain hidden to the outer world. Committing to my dream transformed my life in magical ways. My dream of singing became my reality as a songwriter, Rock Your Dreams coach and music teacher.

Your dream may not ever involve picking up a guitar, or even singing. It may show itself in any way that feels true to you. You may be a master mother or fantastic father, a tech guru or yoga instructor. It might come by being true to your words, kind when you’re suffering or in your willingness to take risks to grow in whatever sparks your joy. We complicate this damn journey so much. We put so much more into it when really, it’s about letting the innards of your life just fall out and shine. It’s more messy but it’s so simple. What’s hard is protecting ourselves from being us. All the things we say and do to shield ourselves from the vulnerability and possible ridicule of what others think about us. I’ve cared way too much about this most of my life, and it’s the shiny moments like the women’s bra ad where I am confronted with how much I care what “they” think, that I realized that just by letting this fear go, I free myself to be me, my imperfect, loving, messy, vulnerable self. You see me in all of this, and I’m glad for it. You see me, not the image that I’m projecting on the civilized screen, but the raw and dare I say precious me. And then when you see this in me, you get a glimpse of the raw and precious you. How does that feel?

Second, it’s important to give voice to your dream. When I wrote my first book An Odyssey of Song self-published in 2014, I was too shy to talk about it until almost seven years later. I used it as a guide in my coaching work, but I was too afraid to speak about it because it represented the most vulnerable part of me, so I hid it thereby hiding a part of me. I already decided that this whole “shy” narrative tone needs to change for my second book. So before this book is even published, I am giving voice to it, writing blogs and articles, teaching the concepts in my weekly Rock Your Dreams class Tuesdays on Zoom at 2 pm PST. I have videos, weekly radio podcasts and am making noise to celebrate this upcoming manifestation. I will love this baby into creation and then give it a good foundation so it can soar.

And lastly and most key, is to revel in the ride. I’m talking about all of it-the twists, turns, disappointments, delight even before your dream manifests in your reality. There’s so much richness in being where you are and being grateful. I love the idea that my music, books, coaching would touch the lives of millions and maybe someday it will, but I’m also so grateful for every moment, breath, smile, my family, friends here and now. In simply honoring the present moment, we can connect with the electrical current that powers everything and everyone. We literally hold the power of sun! When we commit to, give voice to our dreams, and revel in the ride, then our lives are ignited with passion and purpose. Every belief of unworthiness and outdated patterns that doesn’t align with our dream will transform. This will create clarity, and confidence to rock our dreams and amplify our love songs to the world.


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