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First of all I would like to thank Readers Magnet for giving me this opportunity

to present this article about my first book.
SIX Figures Income in 30 Days

Writing this book has never been easy for me, I am not a writer , I am an entrepreneur.

my goal in the book was to present a personal experience that I have already experienced

in order to benefit even one person who has bravely decided

to take the path of entrepreneurship, or business in general.

I got married a year ago and my beloved wife Dina was pregnant with my precious daughter Dina ❤️

And I decided to document this experience that happened to me previously
Which I already mentioned in this book
First, because it is rich and deserves to be told, and some may benefit from it
Second, so that I will never forget it and tell it in all its details to my daughter Dina
We were at the end of the eighth month of pregnancy
So I decided to write the book and finish it before the birth of little Dina

As always, I like to take things to the Next Level

Although I am an Arab, Egyptian and there are many ways to publish the book
I decided to publish it globally on Amazon
Despite my poor English and the criticism that I may be exposed to because of that
But I don’t really care about criticism except positive criticism
Also, this may encourage some to transfer their experiences, regardless

of their linguistic and literary capabilities, so I decided to publish it in English on Amazon.

and that was the next level .

Then suddenly my daughter Dina died one day before she was born .

At the time, I had finished arranging the ideas for the book, but I had not written it yet
But this is the will of ALLAH, which neither I nor her mother objected to
Out of our belief in ALLAH and that He always decrees good for us,

this is our Islamic view of the bad accidents that happen to us in life .

Even if it was a tragedy, there is kindness from him to us, whether we know IT
Or no, this is our belief

I wrote again after 3 days of THE Death, with the help of ALLAH

and my beloved wife, Dina, despite her great pain and grief.
We turned what happened into a positive motivation to complete the book

To memorialize my daughter Dina and make her proud of me
And I’ve already changed the inspiration for the book
And I gave it to my daughter Dina ❤️ Instead of an old inspiration I had already prepared

Then I started writing the book and finished it already and published it

on Amazon and it is available at the following link:

The book is small in size and devoid of any useless words
I have taken this into account so that the reader does not get bored

and reach the goal of the book quickly .

The book talks about business and entrepreneurship

by telling a real story and real events that actually happened to me
How did my mindset grow as an entrepreneur and the book talks in order about the following

  • First, a little introduction about me and my beginnings
  • Second, how did i choose this path and how do you do it
  • Third, some negative thoughts that I was exposed to at the beginning, which are similar to what happens to most entrepreneurs in different countries, languages ​​or cultures, which you may have been exposed to and how did i deal with this negative
  • Fourth, the beginning of my earning money in my career
  • Fifth, the beginning of my feeling of responsibility towards my business
  • Sixth, my bankruptcy and its consequences
  • Seventh, my awakening from the pressures that surround me, whether internal or external, psychological or financial
  • Eighth, how did I put my hands on my problems and mistakes and my way to learn the solutions to those problems
  • Ninth, the 30 days
  • Finally, a word from me to the reader

This is what I put in my humble book and my simple work, which I hope will benefit even one person and finally
I wish you all the best and success in the world, Badawi


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