Silver Bells: A 3Square Christmas Romance by Anne Shaw

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A series of coincidental events leave Alice with more questions than answers.

Could the sick little girl in need of a bone marrow transplant be the daughter she gave up for adoption ten years before? To become close to the girl without revealing her identity, Alice develops a plan to cast the girl’s uncle, a chocolatier, as a contestant on a live Christmas Eve show.

A television cooking competition was never in Niko’s plans, but when his sick niece expresses her wish for him to compete on the show, he reluctantly agrees. His past as an MMA fighter taught him to guard himself from punches being thrown his direction, but he wasn’t prepared for the fallout of letting his emotional guard down for Alice.

When sparks fly between Alice and Niko in and out of the kitchen, will the secrets Alice keeps shatter the budding relationship?

I get my inspiration from random places. I love taking a line from a magazine, or a hypothetical situation and developing it into a story. I am an organic writer in that I don’t follow an outline or plot out my stories ahead of time. When I write, I see the story as a movie inside my head. The characters reveal themselves to me as the story starts to flow. Once I start, I have to keep writing so I can find out how it ends. In Silver Bells, I combined two of my favorite Christmas guilty pleasures; holiday Christmas romance movies and holiday cooking competitions. While binge watching Christmas movies, I came up with the idea for the book. I wanted to write a story that speaks to the true meaning of Christmas, a time for giving.

Silver Bells is for any adult who loves romance and is looking for a Happily Ever After. The book does deal with some sensitive subject matters like childhood cancer, adoption, substance abuse, and the trauma to children in the foster care system. The book has some steamy scenes so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at the Authors’ Lounge that’s under the age of eighteen.

At the core of Silver Bells is a story of hope. Miracles happen every day. They don’t have to be in your face, but little things are what makes life full. Despite the seriousness of the underlying plot, the story has a playful side. My ultimate goal as an author is to draw the reader into the story and as they turn the last page, it is my greatest hope that they are left with a smile and a sense of satisfaction.

I am always jotting down story ideas and I have an entire spreadsheet of books I plan to write. I have used 3Square in my book Quarterback Sneak. I have plans for two more 3Square cooking show romances; Hallie and Chloe—Nikko’s sister and niece—will be back in a 3Square Halloween romance and Brooke—Alice’s sister—will be back in a 3Square 4th of July romance.

Since I picked up my first Barbara Cartland book, I was hooked on romance. In high school, my friend told me I should write my own book. I can still recall writing that last words in a 100k manuscript: the end. Of course, the end became the beginning of lifelong passion for writing. Every time I finish a book, I think this is it. I have no more ideas. And then an idea comes and it starts all over again. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. For those of you who aspire to be a writer, you can do it, one word at a time.  

I would like to say thank you to the Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to share a bit about myself and my book. Silver Bells is available in both ebook and print.

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