Routines to Further Improve Your Poetry

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ReadersMagnet recommends these seven healthy practices to further improve your poetry skills.

Poetry is a great medium, especially for expressing one’s feelings, ideas, and devotion. In the past, we have featured poetry books like Kathryn Coltrin’s Inspired From My Heart and Raymond Quattlebaum’s The Color of Love which is all about reflections of love. Raymond Quattlebaum in reflection of love poetry book, shows us that anyone can write poetry as long as the words are filled with passion, wit, and energy. Today, we will present several exercises on how to improve one’s skill in writing poetry.

Read a different poem every day. Reading a new poem every day broadens your perspective. It also exposes you to other great works. One great way to improve your craft is to discover work by other poets constantly. The key is never to limit yourself to your own poetry. Reading a poem every day also allows you to practice your reading skills. Reading new poems from other authors can be a source of new inspiration or style. It also a great exercise for memorizing your lines and poems.

Write a different poem every day. Just like reading new poems, writing a different poem or style of poetry every day is good for you. One major way to hone your craft is to continue practicing it. However, you keep doing the same thing over and over again; you prevent yourself from expanding your skillset. If you’ve already mastered Haiku, try writing in sonnets, elegies, or free verse poetry. The possibilities are endless. The results might surprise you.

Review / Rewrite your old poems. We constantly evolve as writers. It is essential actually for us to evolve, not only with our perspective but also with our writing style and composition. One exercise to refresh ourselves is to revisit or review our old masterpieces. An ideal way is to make new versions of our old poems. By doing so, we can check how much we have improved and evolved as a writer. Who knows, it might spark old passion or bring forth new ideas.

Get a journal and write on it daily. Keeping a diary has help artists, novelists, and even filmmakers. It should be the same with poets. Recording your thoughts, feelings, and even random observations can create a repository of inspiration and materials that you could use for your poetry. You can also write random poetry in your journal and smoothen it later. You can also write random lines. Random scribbles also make for good materials.

Attend poetry readings regularly. Just as painters attend and visit gallery exhibitions, poets can benefit well by attending poetry-reading events. Watching other poets perform is a great exercise for any poet. You can get inspiration and at the same time evaluate their performance and apply it to yourself. Lastly, attending poetry events reminds you of the beauty of the craft and why you are passionate about it in the first place. It’s also a great opportunity to meet fellow artists and literary agents.

Go out often and observe people. The outdoors and random people have always inspired great poetry. From Walt Whitman and Robert Frost to Rudyard Kipling and Maya Angelou, nature and human activity have proven to be great sources of material for poems. By observing your surroundings, especially nature, you get to understand more about life and existence. Much timeless poetry is inspired by the majesty of nature and human experience. And as we all know, great poetry is an imitation of life. So go out and explore the vast wealth of life and humanity.

Find your inspiration in other arts. Art inspires art. Whether it’s music, literature, visual arts, theatre, film, or even culinary, you can always be assured that there is inspiration and energy that you can use for your poetry. Listening to music or watching a great film allows you to re-energize your soul and well-being. Staring at a classical painting or a modern sculpture can take your mind somewhere else, and who knows, you might stumble upon the next inspiration for your poetry while having lunch at a restaurant.

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