Revisiting Brian Clements’ Collection of Short Stories

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Short stories are more than just a stand-in of fiction for the time-strapped. When crafted well, short stories are like fireballs that quickly explode in front of the readers. They let readers dip their toes into strange minds and alien worlds or conceal something lurking behind the pages before sliding into view.  

With Brian Clements’ book entitled, Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II, one can say that there are many reasons to love short stories. A Collection of Short Stories on Clements’ book opens the readers’ ability to immerse themselves in new worlds of the various themes that weave through anthologies to create a thought-provoking whole. Brain’s literary masterpieces are not to be missed.

Book 1: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems

This collection of short stories and poems will excite one’s emotions and imagination. This book has everything from a beautiful love story and a thrilling mystery to emotional poems. Enjoy love stories such as, Twice in a Lifetime, The Folk Singer, and Billy, Don’t Be a Hero. More so, enjoy mysteries involving Private Detective Jack Donovan in If You Could Hear What I See and its sequels. And tearfully enjoy the poems, The Thin Blue Line and Rebuking Michael. And do not forget to follow David and Carol Anne as they renew their relationship and end up in unusual ghostlike locations.

Book 2: Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II

This new book carries on the adventures of Private Detective Jack Donavon of the If Could Hear What I See series as he continues to search for the person who brings about his hearing loss. This ushers Jack back to Florida, where he meets his attacker. The encounter caused a dilemma for Jack because he must either fight him or get killed. Jack also labors with unusual clients who get him in different situations and many problems. Additionally, you can also follow Carol Anne Taylor and David as they talk over the documents of David’s great-grandfather, who helped search for serial killer H.H Holmes. You can also read Ava and Jason’s adventure. They warded a mental hospital in Florida right in the middle of Hurricane Michael, not to mention the predicament they must encounter. And do not forget the love stories and poetry that always come with Brian’s collection.

Excerpts from Book 2

“The Arch Fiend”

John then heard three taps. Hopefully, that meant the third floor, also the top floor. He then headed for one end of the hallway, hoping to find some sort of stairs. Nothing at the first end he went to. He then waded through the water to the other side. He didn’t see anything there either.

He then looked closely at the water next to the wall and saw some movement in the water as if it was going behind it. Studying it, John decided to push against the wall slightly and noticed that the wall gave way just a tad.

He then pushed it more and noticed a false wall with some stairs. That’s a relief. Instead of hurrying through the door, Taylor decided to walk slower if there were any more traps.

As he took one step, he suddenly felt a light breeze and decided to step back. When suddenly, a sharp-edged pendulum came down and swung across the stairwell. John falls back to save himself and lands back in the water.

‘What more can happen?’ he said out loud.

“Death on the Beach”

The next thing Jack saw was sunlight, bright sunlight. He woke up and found himself on the beach not too far from the pier and restaurant where he ate. He tries to stand up but is pushed down by somebody behind him. He turned around and saw two beach police officers with their guns pulled and pointed right at him.

The officer yelled, “I said, get down on the ground and spread your arms out.”

Jack was confused but quickly complied, trying to figure out what had happened. The last thing he remembered was the restaurant and Teri.

“The drinks,” he said to himself.

The officers then cuffed and frisked him for weapons and identification. They found his taser in his front pocket and then his wallet. Then they tried to read him his rights.

Donovan then said to them, “I’m deaf. I can’t hear a single word you are saying. But I can read lips. Please contact Sergeant Holmes. I explained everything to him earlier.”

“We will. How do you explain the body?”

“What body?”

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About the Author

Invest just a few minutes of Brian’s books, and you may be rewarded with a lesson or memory that lasts a lifetime. Also, it is not just the short stories (and the poems); the author may also surprise you. Brian was born in Washington, District of Columbia, and grew up along the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida. Clements went to the University of West Florida and Gulf Coast Community College. Brian’s passion is writing. And he finally got the audacity to publish his first book, Anthology of Short Stories and Poems, published in 2019. He writes short stories and poetry, hopeful to inspire his readers to explore more of their imagination and take them on adventures of a lifetime. Brian currently lives in Colorado Springs.


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