Purr-fect Cat Books You Should Read This Month

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Many of you would surely have read the famous 1975 book by Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat. This book may have significantly impacted your life and how you perceive furry felines around you. While many enjoy the company of dogs, finding affection for cats can be a hard taste to lose. Cats are not hard to love because of their bold, sneaky, defiant, energetic, cuddly, fierce, and lazy behavior. And since so many people adore cats, authors wrote books built around these felines for you and kids to enjoy. Thus, ReadersMagnet brings a fantastic collection of fiction and nonfiction books starring the ever cuddly, funny, and fierce felines. 

A Cat’s Tale by Dr. Paul Koudounaris

If you want to know more about cats and their history, then Dr. Koudounaris’ A Cat’s Tale is the perfect book to read this April. It is fun and very informative to read. This shares a long history of felines. Dr. Koudounaris shares how these felines have prowled alongside humankind since the dawn of civilization. He will share the true history of cats, one that shows their heroism, love, tragedy, sacrifice, and gravitas. Moreover, what better way to tell the history of cats than a cat herself. A Cat’s Tale presents Baba the Cat to set the record straight. Baba will present history paired with her in a series of stunning customers to bring history to life. 

William and Tibby Forever by Lynda Hamblen 

Cats have made everyone’s lives happier and healthy just by their mere presence. And it can be daunting when you lose them so suddenly. Lynda Hamblen is one of those people who found great affection for these furry felines. She has three cats, but when one died, she decided to write a book in honor of her fur baby titled William and Tibby Forever. The book shares the stories of her own cats here on earth and after descending on to cat heaven. This book presents a delightful story that will warm the hearts of cat parents who once lost their beloved pets. William and Tibby Forever is a roller coaster journey to finding the reason to live and move forward despite a loved one leaving you behind. 

What Cats Want by Dr. Yuki Hattori

Dr. Yuki Hattori is a top cat doctor in Japan who shares his knowledge about cat’s feelings in this illustrated book, What Cats Want. We all know that it can be hard to understand animals, especially cats. And just like any cat person, you would want nothing but to give them the good life. Hence, Dr. Hattori published this book for this reason. He gives counsel to fur parents about their beloved cats and illustrations to amuse and also depict his advice. Also, he included a chart of the different meows to help you identify the meaning. What Cats Want is an invaluable guide to fill your brain with the knowledge necessary to care for your beloved cat pets. 

Second-Chance Cats by Grant

Everyone deserves a second chance, and so do cats. There’s no greater feeling when you are given a second chance and a fresh start. When you adopt cats, you are giving them a life-changing chance at a good life. Not only are you getting a lifelong companionship but also solace and love. Second-Chance Cats presents a collection of heartwarming stories involving cat rescues. These are stories told by varied writers, such as Lauraine Snelling and Kristin Billerbeck. These stories can come as surprising and also miraculous. This book is a purr-fect book to read during lazy weekends or cozy nights. 

The Cat I Never Named by Amra Sabic-El-Rayess

The Cat I Never Named is a memoir of Amra, a teen in 1992. The story started when her best friend cut off ties with her without any reason. However, she believes that it is because she is a Muslim. Her life was not easy after Muslim refugees started arriving in Bosnia. When tanks start rolling in her city, they were under siege, and her once-happy life vanished. That is until she met a stray cat with bonfire eyes, who showed her that there is light even in the darkest times. The Cat I Never Named is a stunning story of a teen who is determined to move forward and a cat who was with her along the way. 


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