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When it comes to ReadersMagnet publishing and marketing services, numerous authors have surelyfound a partner in turning their story from a complete manuscript into freshly printed pages of a book. Every dream or goal that our authors want to achieve,ReadersMagnet proves that they are a self-publishing company that’s always more than glad to help them make it into a reality.

In this week’s news, we welcome new ReadersMagnet authors and look forward to the future!

Aiming to be one of the best book publishing companies in the market, ReadersMagnet continues their promise of helping authors share their story to the world. Back in November, a number of authors have successfully published their books through our self-publishing packages. Here’s a quick look at their books.

First, is a digital print of Margaret Carpenter Arnett’s informational self-help book titled, The Art of the Inner Journey: Symbol as Healing Agent. Her book explores the kind of healing and spiritual development that can be found through art. In it, she shares how creativity, spirituality, and healing coincides. Not only that, she wonderfully talks about art and meditation and how these things go hand in hand.

Second, Dean Eyerly offers a closer look into his Biblical research in the “Revelation of Jesus Christ Interpreted.” His book talks about biblical stories like the story of Joseph and Aseneth, the Urantia Revelation, the Gospel according to John, the life of Saint Issa, and of course, Jesus Christ’s revelation. The book shares valuable information about these stories which makes it a wonderful resource for Christian scholars and believers alike.

Third, Walter Madenford discusses the current biblical teachings from the pre-tribulation or rapture viewpoint in his book titled, “Going Against the Tide—Prophetically.” In his book, he aims to persuade readers to look into the truth about God’s Scriptures and teachings and provide clarity in some longheld views known to many believers. 

Following thesuccess of these newly-released books, ReadersMagnet assures aspiring andexperienced self-publishing authors to get the best possible publishing andmarketing services in the future as the company pushes for excellence andquality in everything that they do.

ReadersMagnet Authors Lounge, publishing and marketing services

After their successful participation during the 2018 Miami Book Fair International, excitement is in the air once again as ReadersMagnet gears up for the upcoming 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! Since 1996, the Los Angeles Times have been bringing together authors and publishers in one spectacular gathering and share it to countless book lovers and literary fans.

This year, ReadersMagnet is beyond thrilled to join this vibrant celebration of literature and arts as it is set to unfold on April 13 to 14, 2019 at the University of Southern California. Over 100,000 attendees and exhibitors take part every year and everyone at ReadersMagnet are more than ready to join the fun.

Experienced andaspiring self-publishing can definitely take this wonderful opportunity toreach out to book lovers and literature fans in the West Coast withReadersMagnet.

Along with providing quality publishing and marketing services,this young and growing self-publishing company is now open to independentauthors who wish to join in the festivities!

Indeed, the future definitely holds many great things for experiences and aspiring self-publishing authors with ReadersMagnet. They’re definitely more than hopeful and excited to go above and beyond their mission to help authors share their wisdom and their stories to the world.


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