From the Other’s Point of View: Opening Up to Other People

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Maureen Hosier teaches that being in a relationship means learning how to live together and knowing how to look at things from each other’s perspectives.

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Maureen Hosier has been helping individuals and couples in Los Angeles for many years. There is a great number of folk who have issues with their self-confidence and their self-image–issues that may or may not be making trouble with their family, colleagues, friends, and partners. 

From the Other’s Point of View

If you are in any relationship, whether it’s familial or platonic, and especially when it’s romantic, it is very important to learn how to compromise. This means learning how to look at things from the other’s point of view and how to appreciate their thoughts and considerations. Being in a relationship is a lot like being two hands on a steering wheel; if you both don’t learn how to turn the same way, that’s just a disaster, just waiting to happen, with everyone left hurt and crying at the end.

When you are in a relationship, and you or the other party is stuck in their point of view and refuses to accommodate yours, there is no room for negotiation there. Yet that is how relationships last.

If there are two people and each has their own opinion on things, it can be natural for there to be conflict. That might not be so bad, but if the two sides are completely at odds with each other and don’t want to offer any sort of compromise–that can blow up in everyone’s faces.

If someone does not acknowledge your point of view, it can feel pretty disheartening and denigrating. It feels like they don’t consider your opinions valid, and that will, no doubt, sting. When someone is too focused on their own point of view, they tend to ignore or dismiss other perspectives, which oftentimes leads to deep feelings of frustration and resentment.

The inability to acknowledge other points of view also lessens the opportunity for compromise. This means that establishing an agreement between all parties involved can be difficult or impossible to achieve. While fiction often portrays these kinds of relationships (especially when in the romantic context) as needing just time and acceptance to fix, these portrayals are mostly one-sided, and the truth is, sadly, harsher than fiction. 

Opening Up to Other People

People are social animals. This means that most, not all, function best when they are working with others or have the same goal as everyone else. As such, relationships are quite important and influential in maintaining an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. For one to maintain a relationship, one needs to learn how to look at things from another point of view.

  1. Develop empathy, the capacity to comprehend where someone is coming from. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes becomes more manageable when you change your perspective because you understand what their motivations and considerations are.
  2. Improve communication. Through constant communication, people become more open to different ideas and viewpoints. This openness helps them communicate better with others, which, in turn, builds better relationships.
  3. Build trust, which is holding faith in someone else. When you know how to look at things beyond your own perspective, people are more likely to trust you because you are showing a willingness to understand, and you make them feel heard and understood.
  4. Practice gratitude, the act of thankfulness. While people are naturally appreciative, it is often best to show this outwardly to properly show your care for others. 


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