Perfection by Margaret Newmeli

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Another Dimension Perfection is the fourth volume of the Another Dimension series and the eighth and final book of the series. It is the sequel to Another Dimension Tales of Captain Nootra, but the plot is the continuation of Another Dimension Worlds Collide Book 2. Another Dimension is a series of eight books including The Ultimate Amalgam, Worlds Collide Family, Worlds Collide Friendship, Tales of Captain Nootra Childhood, Tales of Captain Nootra Brotherhood, Tales of Captain Nootra Sonship, Tales of Captain Nootra Return to Innocence, and Perfection. Another Dimension Perfection speaks of the perfection of Nootra, the city of the superheroes. The heroes were seeking perfection by defeating villains yet after clashing with the Supreme Fighter, this one obtains enlightenment and imparts the same to villains. Nootra ultimately attains perfection when villains no longer harm. Another Dimension Perfection is a celebration of the heroes who have fulfilled their destiny. The various delegations from across the universe come to the city to celebrate with them. The Shinobi, the Benders, the Shinigami, the Knights, the Street Fighters, the Alchemist come to town and live wonderful moments with the people. The Earthlings Ryan, Zach, Noah, Alan and Chris venture into this world because they love cartoons and comics and Agape grants their wish of seeing the supernatural. They meet the superheroes and all the people they had been watching on TV. These people are real and live in the city of Nootra, and in this world, perfection has come. What inspired me to write the book? I love the superheroes and my biggest dream is to meet them. I believe they are real and live in another dimension. In this world, people are willing to see humanity attain its destiny and the heroes do whatever it takes to achieve this. The villains are in their way, but they don’t give up because they know the evil will be won over by the goodness of the good. And they finally fulfill their dream: humanity attains perfection where men no longer harm each other or nature. This is my desire for earth and humanity; that people no longer harm and nature yields its increase for the goodness of each and every one on planet earth. What is your target audience for the book? Humanity: children, teens, adults, the aged; everyone. This book speaks of humanity and the different stages of growth do not change the person, the being, who is man. Whether he’s a child, a teen, an adult, an aged, we’re all humans and we need to be conscious of all growth stages whatever stage we are. We should always return to the innocence of our childhood; that’s when we’re in the kingdom. And we should be wise as the aged so as to be humble at all times. However if I have to pick an audience, I would choose children, teenagers and young adults, people who still believe in the supernatural no matter the condition of the world. What do you hope readers could get out from your book? I hope readers would allow themselves to be transported to the world of their dreams, where everything happens as they want it. I want them to embrace simplicity, naivety, innocence, which have been scorned by this system of merit. I want readers to find grace that they are loved and accepted; that they be happy and contented as they are while savoring the pleasures of Nootra, which is a world beyond their wildest imagination. And to believe as a child believes that all things are possible. I want them to know that life is worth living despite the injustices in the world. Dream again, people, dream again. Not the dreams this world has put in you, but the dream of the child that you are; the dream of the six-year-old, that animals talk, that you could fly like the birds, that the world is endless, that superheroes are real. Dream again, child; dream again. What are your future goal/ plans for the book? I want Another Dimension to be turned into an animated series. It’s going to get even magical when we not only read Nootra, but we see this amazing city with the wonderful heroes we know very well, and love so much. I am grateful to Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to feature my book.


Margaret Newmeli


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