Paperback Comedian

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My thanks to the Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity to talk about my novella trilogy.

Infinite power, the nut flush, and a redhead who could warm the sun.

As children we are fearless, driven to discover and create. We dream about becoming firefighters and cowhands, even secret agents. We celebrate each year’s growth with a new mark on our doorframes. We are filled with optimism––and for good reason. Our pictures decorate refrigerators everywhere.

Then comes the strangest of days when we surrender to adulting. Suddenly, it’s hard to get out of bed. We live one week at a time, stealing moments here and there, hoping to stumble upon something or someone fun.

Twenty years go by. We find ourselves sitting in our cars, wondering what went wrong. We aren’t who we thought we would be. What happened to us? Can we fix what went wrong?

Don’t despair; it’s not too late. Anything is possible.

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Is there something in your past you would kill to change?

Paperback Comedian is a dramatic comedy that reads like a play. At heart, it’s a mystery. What is it about the past that drives these characters? Who are they really? What is the relationship between those two characters? Or those three characters? Did that really just happen? Oh, that’s going to sting….

We all have regrets. Sometimes a single event changes the course of our lives. It haunts us. That voice inside our heads just won’t shut up! We’d do anything to fix things, even build a time machine. And we will because we believe we must. Paperback Comedian reminds us that anything is possible.

Meet the characters in Paperback Comedian

There are four main characters and several important lesser roles, including a climatic scene involving a magical creature with a Bond-esque name. (Sorry, I wanted to be a secret agent when I was a kid.)

Adam craves infinite power, the winning poker hand, and the redhead. (Who wouldn’t?) In the first novella, Lust, Adam labors to correct a personal tragedy. He’ll invent time travel if that’s what it takes (**grits teeth**), but he’ll need more than Luck (second novella) to right his wrong. Throughout the trilogy, Adam hides the noblest of goals. We don’t fully understand why until the end of the third novella, Love.

Sam is juvenile and arrogant, but at times unbearably funny. He dreams of being a comedian so he can give the gift of laughter to everyone he meets.

Addy is beautiful and fearless. Yet, some childhood event haunts her. She learns fast and has the best chance of saving the others from themselves.

Wendy heard that. And if something was broken, she was the most likely one to have fixed it. She is the real superhero in the book.

As the story begins, Sam finds himself stranded in an alternate dimension, a victim of Adam’s time travel experiment. While Wendy works to correct her husband’s mistake, Adam gets distracted by the new intern. Young Addy proves to be more than a beautiful novice as she struggles to save their world from certain destruction.

Paperback Comedian takes place twenty years after my first novel, Adam’s Journal. I’d recommend rereading Adam’s Journal after Paperback Comedian reveals its secrets. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Paperback Comedian: A Novella Trilogy

A mystery wrapped in comedy, sci-fi, and romance.


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