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Creative and full of plausible future scenarios, Moon Luck is a glimpse into what the future might look like. It is the perfect novel for space and science nerds.

Wayne Scott Harral’s Sci-Fi and mystery book, Moon Luck: is in the year 2039, and astronauts from around the globe have been brought to the Venturous, a moon base station. Various research is carried out, and new developments and discoveries are being made daily. ‘Moon luck’ is a saying that the astronauts like to use, meaning that everything that happens on the moon is up to chance. One day, when everything is going as usual (typical for the moon, anyway), a low-pressure warning alerts the crew that something is wrong. There was an explosion in the tool shed while someone was inside it. When foul play is suspected, Special Agent Aaron Ghiassi is called on to investigate the matter, earth-side, at NASA headquarters. Will Ghiassi figure out who or what harmed the astronaut and put a stop to it, or will there be even more “accidents” on the Venturous?

Moon Luck is written very methodically, with great detail and many space facts. Analogous to a rocket launch, the book builds up in the beginning, but with patience, readers will notice it picks up around page 80 or so. Readers can tell that the author knows a lot about space exploration and that he wanted to apply it in some way, and a fiction novel was his medium of choice. There are over 40 characters in this story, and placing a character list in the back of the book for reference was good thinking on the author’s part because it is very much needed. And for as many different perspectives as this book rolls through, it is brief at just 338 pages. Character development is a challenge with so many characters. However, a few people do stand out. Two of them are Dr. Kormendy, a bold and stubborn Hungarian woman, and Jim Sheppard, an American and family man who has been on the moon for three years.

From The Readers Mouth

“Reads like a Tom Clancy novel. The book’s scientific portions are well-explained and easy to understand. The plot is exciting, with a group of highly achieved astronauts surviving and living together on the moon. Good read!” says Kevin Coy.

According to Michael Doria, “this was truly a great read! The author, Wayne Scott Harral, generated an engaging story through his thoughtful character development, in-depth research, and creative storyline. Something truly unique to this book is that, while it details advanced technologies and makes some exciting leaps into the future with them, I feel it is accessible to readers with no knowledge of the current and future research in the areas but remains enthralling to them and those familiar with the advancing field of space exploration. Again, amazing read! Highly recommended!!!”

“Moon Luck by Wayne Scott Harral is a well-written science fiction drama. The author’s scenario makes you wonder if this could be more fact than fiction shortly. The compelling plot centers on a big what-if premise: what if the moon is colonized, and a murder occurs? Can it be called murder? This is a multi-layered plot. First, you have thirty astronauts/colonists making their homes on the moon for long periods. Then you have the scientists and explorers, who are also astronauts, trying to raise plants on the moon’s surface. They spend their time researching and experimenting and, as with any community, friends and foes develop no matter how big or small or where it is. Murder happens in even the smallest of communities, so the death of a senior resident raises a critical question: was it an accident, or was it murder? A trial attempts to get to the bottom and find the real culprit.” Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

Author Profile

He has been around since 1957. He has done many things in that time and has been to many places. Wayne Scott Harral has a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA. He has made a career of providing construction management services mainly to the rail industry throughout the U.S. Abroad, he worked in Qatar, in the Middle East, which was indeed an eye-opener to the world. On that note, he has traveled extensively, having visited 40+ countries. And he’s been to the Italian Alps every year.

He enjoys life and stays active. His hobbies are numerous and varied. Just in this century, they include martial arts, flying, winemaking, and, as noted above, traveling!


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