ON SACRED GROUND by author Diane M. Posson

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This author is a woman who is reflecting on her life, and realizing how she has been led by God in spite of her fears and weaknesses. She shares how she has been inspired by the many teachers in her life, her family, friends, experiences, and from the people she’s met and served as a hospice chaplain for over 20 years. She realizes now that because of these intimate experiences she has truly been “On Sacred Ground.”

When I wrote the book “ON SACRED GROUND” it was because after twenty years serving as a Hospice Chaplain, I wanted my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to know about what I learned about life and death.  I have had the most amazing experiences with those I met.  I remember coming home after a touching experience and finding myself writing about it.  I just couldn’t keep it inside, nobody wanted to hear about death or dying.  My friends never asked, how’s work, Diane?  Except for my sweet husband who simply knew how to listen, and be there for me.

So, after twenty years I took my memories and the notes I had written and wrote this book.

After writing the book and giving it to my loved ones, I retired for a couple of years.  My husband and I took our little Toyota motor home and traveled across our nation for three months.  Camping by rivers, lakes, visiting family, experiencing the birth of a grandchild.  We took turns each night journaling about our day.  A very sacred time for us.

After a couple of years of retirement, I was asked to serve in an inpatient hospice in Long Beach.  I served in hospice again for about ten years.

It again was a home of love, serving such a great variety of people.  Again, listening, listening, listening, prayer, music, giving support to staff.

It was a wonder-filled place to be. 

After 20 some years as a chaplain, I feel so full of love for those who have touched my life. I feel so thankful for all that each unique person has taught me about life, death, love, and God ‘s amazing grace. I have had so many graced filled moments close to God through those I ‘ve served. So many times, after one of these experiences, whether it be a death of someone I ‘d come to love, or a deep moment close to God through another human person, I‘d find myself needing to let it out, talk it out, cy it out, praying it out, or writing it out. There are some of those papers, those feelings, and thoughts as I write them, and now reflect back on twenty years of chaplaincy.

Now, at the age of 86, I reflect on my life with such overwhelming gratitude.  Reflecting back with wonder of how I have been Blessed through all the ups and downs, given strength in my weakness, and learning from the most difficult times.  I give thanks to Our God for my life, for all the beauty……in the People who have touched my life-in Nature-in Music-in each breath I take-in eyes to see-in ears to hear-in taste and smell, I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!



Author: Diane M. Posson

Category: Spiritual Memoirs


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