Nurturing Your Growth as a Christian

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Faith is a gift and a journey. Nurturing its growth of that gift is essential in the journey of every Christian.

Faith is an essential aspect of our existence and an integral part of everything that we do. The way we behave, our principles, how we engage with other people, and how we view life and the world depends mainly on our belief system. For Christians, faith is a gift and a journey at the same time. This means that as a Christian, you continuously work to build a strong and meaningful relationship with God.

Learning about faith and Christ starts at an early age. As kids, we are introduced to prayers. We start and end our days with prayers. As we grow older, we learn more about the Bible and its scriptures. But it does not end there. As we grow older and trials and challenges are thrown our way, we also stumble and lose our way. Hence, there is the need to continually renew our faith and strive to be closer to God. The book Come Climb Toward God, an exemplary guidebook published in 2020. It features steps of growth as a Christian by Marianna Albritton. Albritton’s work help reminds us of some of the basic steps in building a healthy connection with God and His people.

Acknowledge God’s Presence

Often the reason why we lose our way is that we forget that God with us. Whenever we encounter trouble or dark times, we automatically assume that He is not with us. And so we trust in our own capacity and wisdom, which from time to time fail us. Trusting God and acknowledging his presence in our daily lives and in everything we do is the first to be closer to Him. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time to acknowledge Him or you are renewing your lost faith, God will be there for us.

Read and Understand the Bible

The Holy Bible is a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. If you read it constantly and try to absorb its word its meaning, you will acquire knowledge to guide you in your everyday venture. The Bible also teaches us to embrace a positive outlook in life. We must remember that the Bible, aside from its stories, also contains the word of God. If we absorb the word of God, then we also gain his wisdom and understand His purpose for us.

Converse with God Constantly

Prayer is an essential tool in the life of every Christian. If you truly believe and submit yourself to God, then you will take the time to commune with him. Talking to God comes in many forms, but prayer is the highest form of worship, devotion, and communication with God. It does not have to be perfunctory or memorization of popular prayers. Pray in your own way and sincerely ask for His guidance and wisdom. If you need something, pray. If you want to be grateful for something, pray. If you are sad, pray. If you are joyous, pray. Make prayer a constant part of your daily life. The more you pray the more closer you are to God.

Share Your Faith with Others

Fellowship is another important aspect of our growth. We cannot grow in our faith alone and isolated. The Christian faith is all about serving God and others. Being part of the community and actively sharing your time, energy, and wisdom is living the faith. By opening yourself to the Christian community and to the people, you are also spreading the gospel of God. God calls us to fellowship and to love one another. We can express this by being a Christian to others.

Do Good Because it Feels Good

If there is one thing that draws us ever closer to God, it is love. And we can express it in multitude of ways. Being kind to another person and practicing goodness in everything we do, is proof that we are in a good and healthy relationship with God. God is love, and from the Bible to His prophets and Church, goodness is the ultimate gospel. It is the one thing that God calls us to practice if we are to be with Him. Doing acts of goodness need not be a chore or an obligation if you truly feel God in your heart. It comes naturally, and doing good always leaves you a sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

To sum it all, forging a lifelong relationship with him is a journey, and these steps will definitely help us climb closer to God.

Marianna Albritton is the author of the book Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? To know more about Marianna Albritton, you can grab a copy of her book and visit her website today!


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