No More Tales To Tell by Thomas Muller

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Isn't this sad?  All this time to think about how to promote my book, No More Tales To Tell, and I keep thinking about the past.  So, I will apologize in advance to the reader who wishes to follow me down this rabbit hole.

No More Tales is a story that is more than 35 years old; it began with late night whiskey sessions and listening to Blue Oyster Cult while sitting at my typewriter (pre-computer for all of you youngsters out there - you cranked a sheet a paper in and typed, and cursed loudly when you made a mistake).  Inspired by horrific and sensational images, No More Tales started out as simply one story - one called In the Presence - which involved a battle between a warlock and a young woman he supposedly killed who was now a witch.  

As I stated earlier, whiskey was involved...

That semester, while taking a writing course, I penned an "epic" poem, which ran five pages and detailed a specific night where men gathered to tell stories of death.  Flushed with the success of an excellent grade and praise from my professor and classmates, I decided to combine the elements of the poem with In the Presence and No More Tales was now in its infancy.

The next semester, I drew a professor I had not had before - author/musician Tom Lucas (Red Letter Day, Lifeboats).  I strutted into his office confidently on that first day, and he glared at me with a touch of disdain.  "I need to see a writing sample before I let you take this class," he said before dismissing me.  Dejected, I trudged out of his office, wondering what I could submit.

No More Tales, now only weeks old, ran roughly 25-30 pages, and was pretty much bare bones.  The basics were there but the richness of the details still were missing.  I waltzed back into Tom's office on Friday, dropped it on his desk, and left.  Come Monday, life had changed for me.  He was welcoming and eager to talk, as he had taken my only copy and marked it up, with notes in the margins and lines scrawled out.  He made himself a copy and the two of us sat for an hour talking shop.

This began a wild trip for No More Tales.  As presented, most people assume going in that it is just a collection of short stories when, in fact, it is one connected tale of five stories told by men who are obsessed with death.  On this particular night, they are joined by a sixth man who wishes to present his own tale.  Each tale is essential to the overall story, which is why this book took over thirty years to finish.

My first book, Four Corners, was completed in mid 2019, six months prior to No More Tales.  To complete that book, I actually robbed one of the stories told in No More Tales for the first book, reworked it, and it fit very nicely in terms of content there.  The problem now became, I have to write a new story to replace it. (The final tale, Ice, became the stand-in).

I've gotten nostalgic looking back now as I finish my seventh book.  No More Tales to Tell elicits quite a response from my readers, and remains of their favorites.  I say this only for the fact that if not for that professor who ended up pushing me, I sincerely doubt that No More Tales would exist.  It probably would have languished in a file cabinet for years, or worse, been discarded.  So, instead of using this entire space to wax poetic about the horror that lies within No More Tales To Tell, I'd like to (as an old dude) applaud those that support creatives.  Professors, teachers, etc...can all have an impact on any given student, more than they ever know.  

By the way, Tom - in his 70s - just released a new album this year.  We can all inspire each other to this day, and it's never too late in life to be creative!

I'd like to thank the Author's Lounge for giving me this opportunity to ramble, and if you are interested in taking a look at No More Tales To Tell, you can find it on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle!  


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