My Pal Brainy by Shanelle Poucher

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Empowering Kids with Positivity and Growth Mindset: The Brainy Brand

The concept of my book and brand is a simple yet an important one. The concept is educating kids to grow up having a growth mindset, to think positive, to believe in themselves. To work hard and go after their dreams, the age range for these books are for ages 3-6. Kids and parents should not only love Brainy. I want kids to really listen to the story being read. I want kids to know the importance of self-talk, self-respect and knowing there is more than one way to look at things.

Teaching Kids Life Lessons: Respect, Self-Worth, and Giving Back

Children should learn that not everything in life is going to be easy. However, it’s how you look at it and handle the situation that counts, and as long as you know you did your best then you are already a success. It’s important for children to learn not to place the value of what others think of them. On any high level of importance, it’s how you feel about and think about yourself that matters. Ensuring children know the importance of respect and manners, saying please and thank you, pardon excuse or me.

I want kids to learn the value of giving back and by value I don’t mean monetary. I am talking about the value of self, the feeling you get inside when you know you helped someone out. As everyone always needs help in some way, shape or form from time to time. I have another educational component as well in by books, I list the words in the back and in color, in regards to words they may not know, I write the words and then the definition in a way they can understand.

Inspired by Positivity: The Birth of My Pal Brainy Series

The idea for My Pal Brainy came from my own mindset, as I had an unexpected day off, and due lack of money. I was a little stressed, and then I asked myself, ok I am off now what? How can I make the most of the day and then this came into my head, and I have been working on it ever since. I contribute my success to Garry Vaux, my illustrator, as an amazing illustrator makes a good book. My Pal Brainy is a series and book one is available on Amazon, and, the title is My Pal Brainy’s First Day of Daycare.

Building a Brand: Inspiring Kids with Books and Growth Mindset Content

My plans are to not only create more books; however, I aim to turn it into a brand. I then want to go onto social media such as YouTube to create a growth mind set and goal setting channel for ages 8-18 and make simple rhyming board books for babies and toddlers as well.

It’s amazing how you think about things, how you talk to yourself can have a huge effect on your day. I know kids well, as I am in my mind 40’s now and I have been working and around kids since I was very young. Now as I have two of my own, I know what they like and what they are into. The importance of what attracts such as bright colors, cute characters and words they can understand or learn.

Meet Shanelle Poucher: Wife, Mom, Educator, and Children’s Author

My name is Shanelle Poucher, I am a wife and mom of two amazing young boys. Possessing a background in ece and autism education, and now I can add children’s author to the list. Cherish spending time with my family, cooking, entering contests, shooting pool, swimming and hanging out with friends. I’m half Japanese and Half Irish. I was born in Nanaimo BC, moved to Windsor Ontario and moved back to BC in my 20s.

I hope you follow Brainy along on his journey of life. if you have any questions, feel free to e mail [email protected], follow me on tic toc and instagram @ mypalbrainy. Also, My Pal Brainy is available on amazon.


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