Margaret Moschak Pens a Gripping Chronicle, “My Alcoholic, My Love”

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To you, the sound or the idea of a metal bottle cap unscrewing or loosening against a glass bottle is the worst in the world. To the alcoholics, it is heaven.

How do you live with an alcoholic? The good guy, bad guy, drinking, not drinking, telling the truth, lying, worrying, hope, please not this time, maybe he will stop – or maybe you think you are going mad – perhaps it is just you. In the book, My Alcoholic, My Love, the author presents a powerful narrative on how one can say ‘no’ and break from a toxic relationship involving alcoholism.

My Alcoholic, My Love

Margaret Moschak shares how living and dealing with an alcoholic husband (or wife) is no walk in the park for any marriage. Her book reveals the grim reality of life in homes torn apart by alcoholism – the untold sufferings and miseries that families have to endure from alcoholic loved ones. The author’s story is a gripping story of a wife who shuttered under the weight of her husband Roger’s alcoholism over the years.

Further, to save your family and yourself from the damage that the alcoholic brings to your life, you must learn to beat off and take care of yourself, then your loved ones. This is not easy. Most of you have been raised to care for and love the people in your lives. To break this tradition is nearly impossible and heart-wrenching. Few can do it alone, and Margaret found the Al-Anon organization of immense help. Below are some of the author’s struggles as she fought to find her way to a new valuable life for herself and her children.

“The signs of alcoholism were always there,” Moschak wrote in the chapter “A Fool’s Paradise,” “however I was too blind to see the signs, even though Roger and I dated on and off for over five years before we married.”

She continued: “Roger usually drank to ease his way. He needed alcohol to get through social situations, and he often did become more pleasant and relaxed once he had that first drink. In my admiration for him, I managed to ignore the reality of his drinking.

“But then, like most at that time, I knew so little about the gradations of alcoholism. An alcoholic was a bum lying in a doorway in the bowery, not the man I was dating.”

By sharing her story in “My Alcoholic, My Love,” the author gives the suffering spouses and their families a much-needed voice. By breaking her silence, she reveals to the world that families of alcoholics are victims as well, also needing rescue and comfort more so than their alcoholic loved ones. Moschak’s story speaks for the many individuals – some of them ashamed of being enablers of their loved ones’ drinking habit – who care so much for their alcoholic loved ones and finally find the courage to say ‘enough.’

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Author’s Bio

Margaret Jackson Moschak has spent most of her life studying people. People who encourage young students to love reading are employed as secretaries in a welfare office, teach in high schools, work in local politics, or manage an exhibiting art group. She is always searching out why humans interact as they do with one another. M.J. Moschak earned her Master of Arts degree at the New York State University, Albany. Being a part of a huge family in northern New York, Presently, Margaret is a Taoist Tai Chi instructor in Ithaca, New York. She has a daughter and three sons and now has five grandchildren.


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