Master Your Disaster- No matter what it is

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Master Your Disaster- No matter what it is

Leann Hackman-Carty

CEO of Economic Developers Alberta

Master Your Disaster: Your Readiness, Response and Recovery Prep Guide (Full Edition (color)) (Volume 1)

Who would have thought the coronavirus would become a major international news story a few weeks ago, but it is. Individuals, businesses and communities around the world are having to think about how they are going to prepare for and respond to a potential health pandemic.

People are hoarding supplies, global markets are on the downward trend, governments are restricting travel, professional soccer games are being played in empty stadiums, and fear and anxiety are on the rise.

The best way to deal with an uncertain future, is to Assess and mitigate your risk, Plan and practice your response, Activate when needed, Respond successfully and Template your activity in advance. In my book “Master Your Disaster” this is what I call StandAPART. It is a logical, practical way to ensure you can be more disaster-resilient. It provides templates, based on best practices that are easy to use and update.

No doubt, as the coronavirus crisis evolves over time, things will change. What won’t change though is the fact that whether it is a man made, technological or natural disaster; the best way to minimize its potential impact, and maximize both your resources and ability to respond to it effectively is to have a solid plan in place before the event happens.  

I encourage you to stop by the Readers Magnet booth at the Tucson Book Festival next weekend where  my book “Master Your Disaster”  will be available. I believe it is a very timely, easy to use resource that is needed desperately on a global scale.

It’s not if a disaster will happen it’s when. I encourage you to take steps now to be prepared so we can all have a more safe, resilient future.


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