Marvin’s Short Stories and Styles in Poetry II

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

My name is Marvin Schrebe. I am the author of three books and a booklet available on called Marvin’s Short Stories and Styles in Poetry II. I wrote and published both of them using Amazon’s self-publishing tool a couple of years ago. They are available in hard copy for a nominal price and they are available as Kindles for free. I would love to have you all stop and read them. After all, no writer writes just to have their work go unread. My main purpose in writing is to entertain and I promise you that Styles in Poetry and Marvin’s Short Stories has something for everybody.

I began writing when I was in middle school, some 40 plus years ago. I always enjoyed being in the spotlight as my classmates passed my stories around from person to person. I even wrote a few prize-winning papers in my school days and I knew then and there that entertaining people through my writing and storytelling was what I was meant to do. As I grew older my brothers and I began to “camp” out in our yard. We would pitch a tent in the yard and then sit there by the battery-operated lantern until the wee hours of the morning as I entertained telling stories about our adventures and escapades. We were everything from swashbuckling pirates to astronauts on those nights and those still serve as some of my fondest memories. After those days I began seriously writing and was published in a number of magazines. Finally, in 2003 I published my first book, Words of Wisdom, which is a collection of inspirational poems. I followed that with three more traditionally published books. I took a break from writing for several years after that as I finished my undergraduate degree at Marshall University. (Go Herd!) I wrote and self-published both Marvin’s Short Stories and Styles in Poetry II as well as a booklet about Christian faith, which are available from Amazon as free Kindle books.

The link is:

I hope you will stop by and check my Short Stories and Styles in Poetry. It costs you nothing with Kindle and during this pandemic we all need some entertainment. Writing these for your family’s reading pleasure was indeed my pleasure and my privilege. I hope your family gets as much fun from reading them as I did from writing them. May you all stay safe from this hideous pandemic that is now sweeping our world. If you enjoy my books let me know and I will try to write some more. I am always writing something, though recently it has been more along the lines of academic papers and scholarly stuff. I can always try to write more fun stuff. As I said, I am a storyteller at heart. My mother learned that early on. She punished me at first for lying and then realized that I had a very active imagination. My father nurtured that in me and today I am a writer. Please do not tell my high school English teacher. She might roll over in her grave! She tried everything to motivate me to do the work in her class, but I did not do it. No wonder the poor lady was gray! I was a handful!

Come and read my Short Stories and Styles in Poetry! Your zero dollars will be returned if you are not entertained. Let’s break the monotony and read! As I said, they are Kindle books, so they are free to Kindle members. Enjoy yourself and most of all stay home and stay safe. Thank you. I love you all.

Marvin D. Schrebe, Author


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