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For self-published authors, marketing books is one of the most challenging tasks. They have to contend not only with fellow self-published authors in the same genre but literally with all other published authors. This is why book fair services do more than just displaying your books for the participants. Participating in national and international book fairs set the stage for authors to actually market their books worldwide. Let’s take a close look at why.

Increasing Exposure and Visibility

The first that comes to mind when attending a book fair is exposure. Book fairs always draw people and readers together. What a book fair does is to gather potential target audiences for your book.  For self-published authors who don’t even have the luxury of being promoted by established publishing houses, book fairs boost their exposure and put them side by side with the industry’s household names. Book displays and book signings during these events help authors in increasing visibility for their books. Remember, it’s not only readers and exhibitors. There are also publishing houses, book retailers, agents, critics, and the media present during book fairs. Imagine being in an international book fair such as the Guadalajara International Book Fair or a national book event such as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Each of these book fairs attracts close to 160,000 participants each year from various regions and countries across the world. That alone is sure to boost your exposure and visibility for your books.

Establishing Brand and Reputation

Associating yourself with reputable organizations and institutions is one way to build your brand and establish your reputation as a serious published author. Most of the international and national book fairs are organized by institutions who are an authority in the publishing industry. The trick is to choose which national and international book fair to attend to. It would have to depend on your target market and the programs that a particular book fair centers on. Book fair typically have their own unique programs. The workshops, forums, guests, as well as the themes are designed based on these programs. Nonetheless, these established national and international book fairs certainly can help you introduce your brand to a larger stage, thus cementing your brand as a credible player.

It’s more than just portfolio stacking

Aside from the possible commercial and marketing gains, book fairs give authors opportunities to learn new things, establish connections, and see more of the publishing industry. These experiences will prove useful in the future. In order to effectively share your stories with the world, it’s essential to also learn more about the international book marketing environment.

Of course, we don’t expect every author to have the connections or the know-how in registering and attending national and international book fairs. In fact, not every published author is aware of the various national and international book events held every year all over the world.

ReadersMagnet truly believes in marketing your book to the broadest number of people. For more than two years, ReadersMagnet has been attending national and international book fairs all across the globe. They keep a calendar of book fairs and somehow has managed to register in most of these book fairs as exhibitors. Through book displays and book signing events, ReadersMagnet has been at the forefront of marketing self-published authors to the world. These two form the main features of ReadersMagnet’s book fair services, in partnership with the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE). The Combined Book Exhibit is an established company in book marketing that has been operating for more than 85 years now.

destination to showcase author brand essence, experience the beauty and power of the written word, and, above all, bring together people who love books and literature. It is one of the most integral parts of any book marketing campaign.

List of national and international book fairs attended by ReadersMagnet in 2018.

Book Fair Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of attending national and international book events:

  • Connect with readers and attract new audiences.
  • Gain insights from fellow writers and authors.
  • Receive tips and recommendations from literary agents.
  • Find the most likely publishers for your work.
  • Network with illustrators, editors, and other professionals to work with on your next book.
  • Attend workshops, presentations, and panel discussions given by leaders in your niche.
  • Enhance your self-publishing and book marketing campaigns.
  • Discover new trends in the book publishing industry.

Attending book fairs can be a rewarding experience for self-published authors like you. It’s worth the time, effort, and expense. Just be sure to partner with a company that has experience in bringing authors to major book fair events.

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    I will be attending my first book fair this year. Thank you for this informational article.

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    I’ve been contacted a few times and declined. I never fully realized the benefits from these fairs.


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