Mage Series by John-Ross Elliott

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The High Mage is the first book in the Mage Series, a short story based in today’s world; where magic is real and part of everyday life. It stands by itself as the first story of ten. Originally I intended to introduce main characters but as always the story took on a life of its own. The twist and turns surprised and excited me during the writing process.

The Fae being the Guardians of Life devised a plan with consequences not even they saw coming but that’s a story for another day. You are now about to delve into the magical world of mages, witches, wizards, and warlocks; as they create new worlds and attempt to rebuild lives destroyed by years of tyranny at the claws of demons and dragons. The demons were on the brink of world domination and being powerful omnivores the dragons enjoyed destroying everything at their leisure.  The Fae have succeeded in their plan using the tree of life. By binding all species they cleared out the realm till there was nothing. With zero life the divine tree reset, humans were granted the first and original realm in hopes that they would thrive. Time was reset, history rewritten.Today  Witches inhabit  Terabithia, The Wizards, the Zard Realm and the Warlocks, the realm of Wur. Naturally new times bring new struggles as people with power get lost in their abilities. With magic there is a rule for everything but an exception to every rule. Witches are born with magic, called an internal well magic naturally flows in and out of them.  Wizards absorb magic, they do so as naturally as they breathe, they are not able to store magic within their bodies.  Warlocks channel magic, they are able to store magic for short periods of time. Mages do all three. There are six fae races: Angels, Fairies, Elves, dwarfs, pixies, and mermaids.

Writing has been very therapeutic in these hard times, I find myself fascinated by how everyday situations could be changed by the possibility of magic. I wrote the book after inspiration sparked. Honestly, for me the process was organic ,I had no initial thought in sharing the book; far less who my audience would be. As I dive more into the publishing aspect of things I find it hard to choose who should read my book. I am still learning, the publishing world is proving to be an interesting challenge. I can promise the Authors´ Lounge, my readers will get stories with robust characters from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Forced to face the most random and deepest of circumstances, I find myself writing in  a very relatable world with light backgrounds. Often in life we forget how relative triumph can be and I think my book celebrates that, with many twists. I have ten books planned for the Mage Series, each story stands on its own while building on the dynamic and folklore. I am currently writing book seven while book six is complete, and on Amazon, pre order.

John Ross Elliott is a young Hospitality industry executive from the Caribbean, for whom literature and creative writing has been an escape from his childhood. Raised in a reading family, his love for books runs deep. In 2020, homebound as a result of the dislocations in the worldwide Hospitality sector caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Elliott set about the pleasurable work of bringing to life on paper, a family of characters who have lived in his fertile imagination for more than a decade.  May you enjoy them as much as he has loved shaping them and plotting their fantastical exploits.


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