‘Looking for Life’ by Clayton Graham

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First up—many thanks to Readers Magnet and the Authors’ Lounge for providing the opportunity to write a few words about my books, in particular my latest release ‘Looking for Life’ – A Collection of Science Fiction short stories.

Looking for Life’ is my second compilation of short stories, published in September 2020, the first being ‘Silently in the Night’, which was released in January 2018. Other published books include ‘Milijun’ and ‘Amidst Alien Stars’, the first two novels in an exciting First Contact science fiction series, and ‘Saving Paludis’, an enthralling space opera saga.

My current project is the third in the Milijun series.

Looking for Life’ contains seventeen stories covering the Sci-Fi sub-genres of time travel, post-apocalyptic, space opera, alien invasion and universal mystery. The plots maintain a high degree of suspense with fascinating lead characters who range from farmers and scientists to robots and children.

A few of the tales in the collection were retrieved from dust covered hand-written files and revamped, but most of the stories were retrieved from my own contemporary connection to life and the universe, and fuelled by the infinite possibilities in both.

You can read about the book on Amazon here:  http://viewbook.at/LforL

To give a tingle of a taste here are short summaries of just three of the stories:

Looking for Life tells the tale of Fantom, a man who awakens within a mechanical body with a mission to find life—any hint of life—in a distant galaxy.

In The Scorched Garden, Jay returns devastated, but with hope, to the moon where he once lived and worked with his beloved, after war has taken her from him.

Others of Our Kind relates how the crew of Earth Explorer 54 is guided by an artificial device to the surface of a living planet similar to Earth.

Scribbling down [but never attempting to publish] Sci-Fi short and long stories was my modus operandi since my early twenties, when I was an avid reader of the recognized Sci-Fi authors in the genre such as HG Wells, John Wyndham, Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne. I love combining future science with the paranormal, but never attempt to stretch the reader’s mind too far beyond the believable [well, maybe just a tad].

I find my readers are varied: anyone who loves science fiction or like their minds challenged by the future, readers who like a long read, and those who prefer to dip in and out [chapters are generally short a la Dean Koontz], adults and new adults alike. They are all welcome and treasured.

Incidentally, I am also finding that ‘Looking for Life’ is also an ideal introductory collection for first-time Sci-Fi readers who wish to sample the waters of this stimulating genre.  

Taking readers on a journey that is sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, sometimes confronting, but always intriguing, is my mission when I write. Above all, I just want people to share the journeys, to take them out of themselves for a while, to make them think ‘what if’ or even leap forward to where they think the story should go. My characters tend to make them do that—after all, they really compile the story.

Lovers of science fiction and mystery can now obtain the eBook of ‘Silently in the Night’ for free by subscribing to my monthly newsletter at my website:  https://claytongraham.com.au/

Whilst there, you can also have a look at my monthly blogs on all things wondrous and mysterious about this wonderful universe we inhabit.

All my books are available in eBook or Paperback format, some only on Amazon, some more widely published. You are welcome to contact me via Twitter @CGrahamSciFi, or at my Facebook author page:  https://www.facebook.com/claytongrahamauthor/

And a bit about myself:

I settled in Victoria, Australia, in 1982, having previously lived and worked in UK and California. A retired aerospace engineer who worked in structural design and research, I have always had an interest in science fiction and where it places humankind within a universe we are only just starting to understand.

Animals are a great love of mine, including well behaved pets, and all the natural world, and I am a member of Australian Geographic.

Happy reading all.


  1. Trevor Watts

    Hi – liked your write-up here. Says so much about you and your writing. The Sci-fi sounds to be in a similar vein to my own – I’ll have to get onto Amazon to read this book asap. Must see how/if you use your travels in your stories. The kind of cover I go for in a book I want to read, too.

    • Clayton Graham

      Thanks Trevor. Good luck with your writing.
      Graham C


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