Living life with Autism By Marc William Pulver

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I was diagnosed in 2010 with Autism however as a young child I was diagnosed with ADD something entirely different but in 2010 when I had the diagnoses I decided to write about my experience dealing with Autism because being told as a young child I would not develop past 8 years of age but the determination of both my parents I got the help I needed and I was always a self-motivator to want to be like everyone else out there so I did what it took went to highly educated doctors at the The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential – In Philadelphia Pennsylvania where there was a program there that was implemented to help me get the motor skills that I needed by exercising different parts of my body like lying  on a table   with two people on either side of me and one in the navigating my arms and legs and my head to get more blood movement throughout my body to produce more brain cells and from there about after a year I seemed to make tremendous improvements and more as time progressed. I decided to write about the adversity I went through growing up in the household going to school and having a very difficult time interacting with family members, classmates and my teachers or anyone at any time that I came into contact with I did not have any understanding about social behaviors whether it was in the home school or anywhere else I may have been and learning was very tough for me growing up. The book is a very easy read with only 124 pages in it, some pictures of family members, and some comments from them about me as a young child. It expounds from learning how to socially interact with others to learning how to ride a bike going through middle school, high school to joining the football team in high school to getting a job and having friends and learning about the opposite sex to learning how to drive and graduating high school to going on vacations with my parents to learning how to live independently, getting my own place and, having my own business.

My goal is to help educate and inspire others to learn to be able to live independently and see their disability whatever that may be as a gift instead of a disability. Here is my saying to that: Autism is not a death sentence. It is a roadblock, so go down another path to meet your success. There is a show I have watched before it went off the air. It is called Born This Way. This is a show that showcases individuals with down syndrome who are living a somewhat normal life where they have friends and jobs, own their place to live, are involved in relationships, and learn to thrive just like I have done so. For Megan Bamggars, the star of the show, her motto is “don’t limit me” which is another way of putting what I said that Autism is a roadblock, so just go down another path in life. I would love to get in touch with this person because we have a lot in common. This is my goal – to help and inspire others with any disability of any kind at all. I just moved out here to Los Angeles last August for a number of reasons, but if necessary, I can come to San Diego. It is only a 100-mile drive from where I am. This is truly my vision, which is to help and inspire others to achieve their goals and their dreams, to live independently, to thrive in their community, and to have their own identity.



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