Leyla’s Coffee by David Levi

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David Levi, who lives in Israel, originally he writes his works in Turkish, his first published book is “Leyla’s Coffee”. In this book, subjects such as intercultural contradictions, the importance of family life, the feeling of motherhood, and our moral values ​​are handled in a gripping fiction. 

How and when did I interest in literature?

In general, I started reading books during my university years. We were a low-income family who lived day to day. During my college years, I used to write small articles in my notebook on topics and events that made me emotional. The pleasure of reading books started from my youth. 

How many books have I written so far, what are their names, and how many of them have been published?

I started writing a book 10 years ago.

My first book is “Leyla’s Coffee”, then “Fig Leaf”, “Sponge Fishermen”, “Salt in Her Eyelashes” and “Let’s Not Be Evil” followed each other.

Only “Leyla’s Coffee” has been presented to the reader recently. I believe the others will be published gradually.

These days, I’m busy writing another book.

 Leyla’s Coffee is a very gripping fiction. How did you decide to write such a book? How long did it take you to write this book? What and who was your source of inspiration?

Yes…” Leyla’s Coffee is literally fiction. This book evolved as I wrote it. It took me 3 years to complete the book and then revise it. The themes highlighted in the book are somehow inspired by events that have affected me throughout my life. Some of the subjects that were experienced, heard, and felt, directly or indirectly, were expressed in a different way in this book.

Finally, “Leyla’s Coffee” became a story in which different cultures spoke.

Leyla’s Coffee, You gave her name in the book, is an autistic young girl. Why?.. Any interest in autism?

In general, as a person, I have a very positive and different attitude towards people with disabilities. It affected me especially when these children were involved… They did not choose such a life themselves. Of course, they are not the reason why they are in this state. I always tried to support these children, who started life with a certain defect and continued… And this will continue as well.

Unfortunately, in our current way of life, we cannot give autistic children as much attention and opportunities as they should. We are a strangely selfish society. Our thoughts and good intentions are unfortunately still not enough for these children. When I saw and heard all this, I was always sad.

That’s why I decided to show Leyla as an autistic girl in my book. I particularly preferred that she be autistic… I thought that maybe this would somehow help keep the subject on the agenda, like “a drop of water in the sea”.

As I said, the place of autism in me is different.

What messages did you want to convey in this book? Why should this book be published?

First of all, to explain what family values ​​a village girl was brought up with. To show what should be like by taking the family structure as an example. It was my aim to show an example of how people were fed and brought up with what values ​​over time.

To express how love begins and develops among young people with pure feelings. What is love, respect, respect, and loyalty…how they should be explained, a form of friendship that we yearn for day by day…What is happening to us today in this materialist world where we all live…

This book is an example of how excessive drinking, and alcohol, destroy and destroy, people and families. Of course, there is a lot to learn from this.

A mother’s love for children… This is an example of how she bonds with her child to a new life, especially when this is an autistic baby.

Sensitivity about autism… They are also a part of our day-by-day life, their upbringing, their work, their acceptance into society, their place in the family, a good example of all this has been tried to be exhibited in this book…

Re-emphasizing the place of human values ​​in our daily lives.

I tried also explaining also how the concept of “adoption” and its responsibilities. This is a topic that is still valid today and how it should be,  also included in this book.

Those are the subjects in this book…I tried to tell a story that will contribute to our society in a correct, simple, and fluent language.

How this book is different from other books?

 There are countless books on the market today that describe lives filled with love, values, desperation, betrayals, personal conflicts, and disappointments… many such books are published every day.

“Leyla’s Coffee” is not an ordinary book. I think this book has an interesting story. A life drama very close to the truth was voiced. I haven’t come across a   story like “Leyla’s Coffee”. This is a book that covers our family values. I think it is a different fiction than the others… I think there is a way of narration that shall draw the reader in…

What is the target audience of the book?

A story that appeals to almost all ages and people. On the one hand, the subject of adoption, then alcoholism, autistic children, justice and law, human love, etc., etc. It is a fiction that will interest many people…

I think that the readership of this book will be very wide… I am sure that the book will make a small contribution to society…I hope…

About your new book projects?

I don’t stop writing…

I think my other books will attract as much attention as “Leyla’s Coffee”. 

Currently “ Th Fig Leaf” is under evaluation hope soon to be published.


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