Let the Peasant Cry by Michael Alaba

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                               LET THE PEASANT CRY

Let The Peasant Cry” is a book of poetry depicting the agony and the reaction of the poor, helpless people.It asks the question “Who will question the rich and powerful and help them to see that they are not superior to the poor.

This book offers a glimpse into poverty,hopeless and fear of a group of people who still have faith in God as their Redeemer.Those who still believe He will save them from tragedy and oppression.They believe that there can still be a bright future for those who believe.

 The inspiration to write the book came as a result of the observation of the way the rich and powerful people behave towards the poor and the masses, the way the superior people behaves towards their subjects,the way seniors behaves towards the junior at home,at school and at work.The poor people,the masses and the juniors will be prevented from having access to good faculties and high places

 All these instances occur everywhere even in places of worship and political parties a person aspiring for a post in the country may be frustrated by a superior who will use what he had done as allegations to scatter his plan,a senior worker may bring negative report about a junior worker and this can forfeit every right of the junior worker.

 But despite the fact that there is a faithful God in heaven who had made a law that the poor should not be trampled upon and be cheated,the atrocities of the superiors and the seniors still persist and this brought the question of who will question the rich and powerful and help them to see that they are not superior to the poor.

 The book of poetry is written to the peasants who may be thinking that God has forgotten or deserted them to cry unto the Lord Redeemer who is faithful and just to do what he promised to do,His thought toward them is of good and not for evil to bring them to a pleasant end.

 Despite all these promises, the peasant themselves tend to engage in atrocious behaviours like smoking,drug abuse and thuggery, therefore the future plan of the book is to remind them of the promise of the just and faithful God and that they should not be surprised when the judgement comes for God will surely judge the atrocious superior and seniors who oppress the poor, the subjects, the masses and the junior as if they own the world.


 I was born on 26/12/88 I had my elementary education from Imososi Methodist Primary School Ago iwoye and I got my primary school certificate in the year 2001.

 I had my Secondary School Education at Abobi Comprehensive High School and Ansarudeen Comprehensive High School where I graduated in the year 2008.

 I attended the University Of Ibadan where I bagged Bachelors of Education (B.Ed) in Education/English/Christian Religious Studies and I did my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)program(a mandatory program for every Nigerian graduate whose maximum age is thirty years)from 2017 and it ended in the year 2018.

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    A book of hope


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