Lessons from Inspirational Widows in The Bible

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There are several inspirational widows in the Bible. Their stories are filled with challenging circumstances, but they have faith, resilience, and unwavering trust in God.

Wives who have lost their husbands can learn from the strength of inspirational widows in the Bible. It is not easy to cope with losing a loved one, especially when it is the one you love the most. Women who have lost their spouses have to deal with the grief and the loneliness that comes after it. Younger widows must care for their children alone, and older widows will endure years of loneliness. Some wives outlive their husbands due to incurable diseases that their husbands struggle with. These wives are going through the process of accepting their husband’s death. But some wives lose their husbands in a tragic accident, making it harder to accept death due to shock or trauma.

“A Widow’s Cry: A Helpful Tool for Widow Ministries”

Widows might stumble on a bookstore finding the right book on a bookshelf, A Widow’s Cry by Jamie Pulos-Fry. “A Widow’s Cry: A Helpful Tool for Widow Ministries” offers a concise yet beneficial guide to the essential needs widows seek in churches. Being a widow herself, Jamie intimately understands the significance of these requirements for outreach. The book covers various topics, including the spiritual outreach widows require, a practical list of do’s and don’ts when visiting them, grief and counseling resources, and suggestions for financial assistance. It includes scriptural references and a collection of heartfelt prayers dedicated to fellow widows. Her aspiration is for the book to raise awareness about these issues and inspire hope by conveying that God still has significant plans for widows.

Lives of the Inspirational Widows in The Bible

These widows in the Bible demonstrate unwavering faith, resilience, and the power of God’s provision. Their stories encourage all, reminding us to trust in God’s plan, seek His presence, and find strength in Him during difficult times.

Ruth and Naomi 

Naomi and Ruth, both widowed, embarked on a journey from Moab to Bethlehem after their husbands’ deaths. Ruth, a foreigner, chose to stay with Naomi and showed unwavering loyalty. Their story teaches that courage and family endurance can overcome tragedy. Despite Ruth’s humble status, she became the great-grandmother of King David, highlighting how even a foreigner can play a role in fulfilling God’s plan.

The Widow of Zarephath

During a severe drought, the prophet Elijah was called by God to a widow in Zarephath. The widow was prepping her last meal with her son when Elijah asked her for food. Despite her dire circumstances, she demonstrated remarkable faith and shared her meal with the prophet. In return, God miraculously sustained their food supply until the drought ended, illustrating the power of trust and obedience.

The Widow’s Mite

In the New Testament, Jesus observed a poor widow who offered two small coins as an offering in the temple. Although her offering seemed insignificant compared to others, Jesus recognized her immense faith and sacrificial spirit. He praised her, highlighting that she had given more than anyone else because she gave out of poverty. This widow is a testament to the significance of giving with a generous heart.


In the Gospel of Luke, we encounter the prophetess Anna, a widow who dedicated her life to serving God in the temple. After being widowed at a young age, she devoted herself to fasting, prayer, and worship. When Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple, Anna recognized Him as the Messiah and praised God. Her story inspires us to persevere in our devotion and seek God’s presence in all seasons of life.

The Widow of Nain

Jesus encountered a grieving widow in the village of Nain as her only son. Also, her source of support was being carried out for burial. Filled with compassion, Jesus raised the young man back to life, bringing hope and joy to the widow’s heart. This miraculous event reminds us that God is present in our deepest sorrows and has the power to restore and bring new life even in our darkest moments.


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