Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Series by YzaDora

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Hello, everyone! Hope all are doing well! I wanted to thank Authors’ Lounge for this opportunity so let’s get started, yes?

WHAT IS MY BOOK SERIES ABOUT? I always find this question difficult to answer because I don’t want to give out any spoilers but in brief? Demons, dragons, hellhounds, magic and much-much more! Like I said, no spoilers from me but if you want to know more, go to Amazon by clicking HERE! Books 1 and 2 of my series are currently available and after the holidays, I’ll be back to work finishing off the series!

WHAT INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THE SERIES? I’ll be honest…in the beginning, I had none. That sounds uninspiring I know, but it’s true. The idea originated from a wonky dream I had a while back, so you know, I wrote it down. I didn’t think it would turn into anything, much less a book series in the future, but my mom read it, liked it and joked around about it making a great story. “REALLY?” I thought, so sitting down and reading what I had on this or that paper (yes, I’m that type of scattered brained author) I began adding notes and filling in gaps that slowly came together. But here’s the kicker. THAT story back then is NOT what I have now and that’s when the inspiration came and stuck around because I cared enough to make it better! Believe me, there are days when my inspiration is on its own “vacation” and it’s extremely frustrating because I have the ideas but no…what’s the word…oomph? Every author suffers from writer’s block and if there aren’t, well I congratulate them highly!

WHAT CAN READERS LEARN FROM MY BOOKS? For starters, my series is NOT about self-discovery like most work in my preferred genre. Oh, no-my characters are fully aware of who and where they are, so they’re all clear from the start but if you’re talking about the books message? My answer is this: life is tough. Simple as that because it is! There are struggles we face everyday but it’s how you, as an individual chooses to push through and persevere. If life were a series of buttons, hit return to sender, right? Also, I’ve worked on this series, probably more than I should have, but in the end, I’m confident enough to know I have something new and different from what’s out there now!

I HAVE BEEN ASKED WHAT MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS AND WHY? I write YA Fiction with the chosen subgenres of dark-urban fantasy and paranormal romance (although mild on the romance) because in this field, anything is possible. Even the craziest ideas. The YA crowd are always looking for something new and fresh to read so, fingers crossed! There have been stories I’ve read in the past that have so much, perhaps too much of these elements so balance and DEFINITELY research is the most important. I did mine when I began writing, to see what readers lean more toward and boom, it stuck. Now, here’s one little spoiler. I do have vampires and werewolves as everyone familiarizes themselves with but please understand this: they are NOT your average vampires that move in mist, shapeshift or move around in fog and my werewolves are not shorts-wearing shifters running around shirtless. Loved those movies, by the way! And apparently, my readers aren’t just from the YA demographic! I’ve had a few readers in their 40s-50s read and enjoy my story so if they find it pleasing enough, perfect!

WHAT ARE MY PLANS/GOALS IN THE FUTURE FOR MY BOOKS? I have many but I am limited. During these difficult times we’re all going through, I still have my aspirations and dreams that my book series will gain more notice and attention. And now that I think about it, writing this particular sentence, I can say that I have reached that goal because little-by-little, from day-to-day, it’s slowly taking flight. I do though, hope that someday I’ll manage to land a deal with a literary agent/traditional publisher and that’s something I won’t give up on but I am realistic in knowing that maybe not everyone’s meant to be traditionally published. Why? I don’t know, but I write because I love it…not to be the next millionaire! Although, having been compared to JK Rowling and Stephen King, is the richest part of my writing venture so far! They’re two of my favorite authors and I do hope to have my books on display in the windows of bookstores. If any remain open by the time that dream becomes truth!

Just me…the author!

And last but not least? SOMETHING ABOUT ME, huh? I’m not the type of person that brags or loves talking about myself but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and FB, you’ll see that I’m down-to-Earth more than I should be perhaps, and honest. What you see, is 100% genuine and I don’t pretend to be anyone but myself! Now, when I’m not working, I am a healthcare worker (in-home caregiver to be precise) and although this work is VERY challenging, I have lost 2 clients due to the rising cases of COVID19 so I stay close to home, caring for my mom. I do live at home yes, with mom and my small zoo of pets (4 cats, 1 dog and 4 pigeons) so you can tell I’m an avid animal lover! On my downtime, you’ll find me “grinding away” (a gamer’s term, by the way) on Assassin’s Creed which is my favorite video game series. Shoutout to all my fellow gamers! I try to live a simple and quiet life away from the constant hustle of Las Vegas’ fast-paced lifestyle. As far as my writing, you can find me on various online bookstores but as far as anything else? That’s about it. Oh, okay maybe one more thing! The book covers shown in the image above, are the covers I have personally designed with my own hands. No outside influence or designers! I’m extremely proud!


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