Just in Time by Jenn Romano

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Just in Time is a Time Travel Romance novel with plenty of love, friendship, and suspense. 

Friends Cara DiCelli and Ana Bryce are seasoned world travelers with a talent for languages. One day, on a tour of historic Castle Brodie in the Scottish Highlands, they discover that they’ve traveled almost 800 years back in time. There’s no time to process this information before they are captured by the Brodie laird and his men. With no other choice than to work at the castle in exchange for room and board, Cara and Ana quickly make some unexpected friends and some powerful enemies including the lady of the castle. 

Despite their best efforts, they can’t seem to impress her or even reach a level of mutual tolerance. Cara also manages to catch the eye of the laird’s eldest son Alexander while Ana verbally spars with his brother Duncan. The situation is further complicated when the two friends unwittingly stumble onto a murder plot based on an ancient legend. A trusted member of the laird’s family wants to take the title by any means necessary. 

It’s up to Cara and Ana to choose their allies carefully. This information could put any of their dear friends in jeopardy. They must also discover the identity of a mysterious man, masquerading as a priest, who appears in the village and seems to know how they traveled back in time and why. 

The Time Travel Romance genre has always been a favorite of mine. However, it wasn’t until a trip to Scotland that I became serious about writing my own. A friend and I would joke about the challenges of life in a medieval castle. The conversation always seemed to turn to how badly we’d fare with no running water or central heating. Not to mention that medieval Scotland wasn’t exactly known for its cuisine and–horror of horrors–there would be no chocolate.

I began to think about what kind of person would be resilient enough to handle losing pretty much every modern comfort. She needed to have a lot of experience traveling, the ability to learn new languages quickly and be able to adapt. Of course, it would be so much better to face these challenges with her best friend! 

From there the story just started to take on a life of its own. Cara and Ana seemed to beg for rich backstories with a little Highland magic to guide them along. And did I mention two handsome Brodie highlanders? 

Just in Time was written for my fellow fans of Time Travel Romance. For the readers who want strong modern heroines who can survive and thrive outside their comfort zones along with the swoon-worthy highland warriors who love them. The same readers who love to love two people trying to meet each other halfway and love to hate those who threaten to tear them apart.  

Surprisingly, Just in Time has also gained the endorsement of some unexpected fans. Fans of the Thriller genre and even Young Adult devotees have found elements to enjoy.

Overall, I just hope that Just in Time is a fun escape for Author’s Lounge readers. A book that holds the reader’s interest and leaves them wanting more. There’s a sequel in the works so stay tuned for the next chapter in Cara and Ana’s adventures!

__________________________________________________________________________Jenn Romano is a number-cruncher by day and writer by night from the southwest United States. When she isn’t plotting her next visit to Scotland, she enjoys pretending to be good at craft projects and reading like books are going out of style. Follow her blog where she interviews fellow authors or her Twitter account to stay in touch!



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