Juicing the Brain: Sources of Inspiration for Writing a Book

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Like other authors writing a book, Kwaku Mensah drew on his experiences, God Cares, But Do We? However, it should be noted that personal experiences aren’t the only sources of inspiration. Other matters may also provide authors with creativity.

The world offers an infinite number of inspirations for authors and writers. While this is advantageous, such that authors may find it easy to decide what to write, having too many options may also shut an individual’s brain down.

Instead of having the liberty to choose between the plethora of choices, they fail to do so. Writer’s block – this is a common phenomenon among writers. Despite having rich imaginations, plans, and drafted scenarios, they can’t produce a coherent chapter or paragraph.

When this happens, writing a book becomes a burden. Rather than a means of escaping and a source of joy, it becomes a responsibility. Once writers can’t think of something to write, even the most passionate writers will choose to avoid the activity. But this obstruction doesn’t have to last for long. Authors can tap into some sources of inspiration to create more incredible stories.

Authors may tap into their life experiences.

If writing about other subjects has become difficult, why should writers go through this trouble?

This doesn’t mean they should stop writing altogether. Instead, they can write about something they’re most familiar with – themselves. Life can be a whirlwind of experiences. These can be made up of fortunate or unfortunate events. Either way, they can be great for one’s creative juices.

Authors can use these events as a basis for their next novel. Whether from their personal experiences or those they’ve observed from their surroundings. Upon hearing the words “personal experiences,” people may instantly connect it with autobiographies or memoirs alone. However, these can be turned into fictional or informational materials with the right creativity and wit.

For instance, author Kwaku Mensah draws on his personal experiences to write about religious concepts like spirituality and the supernatural. While he may not have personally encountered extremely spiritual or mystical episodes, he still managed to write inspirational materials about these. How? There’s no exact way of telling how he did it. But one thing’s certain. He used his experiences as his foundation.

Authors may get inspiration from other books.

Reading other books while writing a book can be taboo to authors. After all, doing so can actively influence their imagination and ideas, possibly increasing the chances of plagiarism or using a plot similar to the other.

However, with the proper mindset, reading is the most significant source of inspiration.

Humans are naturally unique beings. They see the world differently than the others. Hence, when it comes to reading stories, they may have opinions, or they could have wished for a different plotline or ending. With these viewpoints, authors are provided with a story they can explore and write about.

Additionally, reading is also a perfect opportunity for growth. By being exposed to vast writing styles and techniques, authors will also be encouraged to experiment with their narratives. This gives them new methods or leads them to discover their niche, something they’re excellent at.

Authors can be inspired by others’ stories.

There are many people out there with inspirational stories. They may have experienced either a content life or one filled with disappointments. Yet either way, their stories are a great source of wisdom for people to learn from.

For instance, a story inspired by a highly successful person may offer its readers an ounce of motivation to be ambitious and hard-working. On the other hand, a sorrowful and tragic story may also teach its readers some coping mechanisms to get over these experiences’ pain.

With these others’ consent, authors can utilize their story, expand or exaggerate it for a more significant impact, and produce a story worth every penny. Besides making these people happy, authors ensure readers of heartfelt and heart-warming stories they would enjoy.


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