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Authors like Eleanor Gaccetta have written books about matters that fall in a different field than her background. Despite not being the presumed expert in writing about these topics, she delivered her books in a credible manner.

Authors seem like some of the most knowledgeable people around. They can write about almost anything and sound entirely reliable, if they have the right resources. When it comes to writing stories beyond factual knowledge, they can also flesh out a concept for an entire novel without straying away or getting confused. With all these, it can be easy mistaking them for experts.

However, more often than not, they aren’t.

It’s safe to call them well-versed in the topics they have chosen to discuss. But to call them experts would be too much of a stretch. Nobody becomes an expert on something by writing about it once or twice. That’s not enough opportunity to be deeply familiarized with a subject.

Authors Becoming Experts

An expert has a comprehensive understanding and competence in particular knowledge and skill through constant practice or education. While most of the expertise talk revolves around understanding things, it’s more than that.

For someone to be labeled an expert, they must be associated or affiliated with an appropriate and reputable organization. They must be someone who wrote materials that are recognized as authoritative in the field in question.

While authors don’t necessarily need to become experts at whatever they’re writing, it definitely would be beneficial if they gain some authority over it.

For one, writing about these topics will take less time, as authors won’t need to research them more thoroughly. Second, they would gain credibility over the issues. Readers are more likely to trust their words over their materials.

Authorship Over Topics

A perfect example of an author who, if not an expert, has taken full charge of their niche is the renowned author J.K. Rowling. The British author has penned one of the most adored magic and fantasy worlds in the mainstream media, Harry Potter.

Throughout her books, she has taken full ownership of her story, the concepts involved, and knowledge about the world her characters are living in. However, her level of comprehension of her story is not a surprise. After all, it’s her personally-made fantasy world. If there is someone who should know about it, it will be her.

On the other hand, authors like Eleanor Gaccetta takes on another situation. Gaccetta wrote books like One Caregiver’s Journey and Generations of Good Food. Both books are non-fiction., When someone writes about their life experiences or a cookbook, readers would expect them to be an expert or, at least, someone very familiar with the topics.

However, the author in question came from a different background. Despite writing about caregiving and a cookbook, Gaccetta worked 40 years in state and local government – something quite different from her books. Yet, she became well-versed in the topics she chose to write about. Her books have had an incredible impact.

How They Do It

As mentioned, authors don’t exactly need to be experts to write something credible enough. Even without years of education on the subject matter, there are specific steps writers can follow to enhance the quality of their material. By following these religiously, they can make their works and words sound credible enough for their readers.

Write Something Familiar

The primary reason Eleanor Gaccetta managed to write something far from her background and make herself sound like an expert is that she writes based on her life experiences. After working in the government, she provided care for her mother for nearly a decade. Her experiences in doing this task became her foundation in writing her caregiving book, One Caregivers Journey.

For her cookbook, one doesn’t need to be a chef to publish one. As long as they cook or are passionate about food, they can curate recipes to complete a great cookbook. With Gaccetta being a solo caregiver she cooked daily and comes from a long line of incredible cooks.  She had the experience and material to give her enough capacity to write a cookbook.


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