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Jonathan kithcartHi my name is Minister Jonathan Kithcart, and I am the author of “Did the Apostle Paul teach Tithing to The Church”. This is the one question that all those that teach the so-call New Testament Tithing System will not touch or answer on the spot, in fact there is truly a “CODE OF SILENCE” pastors, teachers and preachers are in accordance with. I thank the Lord for Reader’s Magnet that even sponsor the “Authors’ Lounge” to help us authors bring more light and understanding to our readers, not to mention Paul Libaton my helper and patient guide with this very important perversion of heresy in the body of Jesus Christ today. Study of church history reveals that nearly 800 years after the apostles tithing became compulsory (enforced) in the church. In fact, it is very farfetched to think that the gentile Christians were instructed to give or pay tithes when the church was in their homes. Am telling you the Truth my friends and lie not, fact check me as the apostle Paul bossed on those at Berea, (Acts 17:11) The churches were in the homes, via, Acts 20;20, Ro.5:16; 1Cor 16:19; Col.4:15; &Plm.2:2, Believe it saints, the Romans were not having Christian buildings popin up all over their empire. So where did this heresy of a tithe being paid to the church began? According to my research, a king named Charlemagne this Frankish, king who was a known barbarian and warlord was crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire by Pope Leo lll, the year 800 on Christmas day in Western Europe. According to Dr. Ryan M. Reeves, Gregory S. Aldrete PhD and my colleague and friend Russell Kelly PhD. Author of “Should the Church Teach Tithing” Charlemagne ENFORCED A MANDATORY TITHE. Yet many are taught the law of tithing by those that say “God said” all the time dismissing our grace giving from the Head of the church, who paid the ultimate price for our liberty when establishing the New Covenant. Of course the Head of the church did NOT instruct the apostle Paul to teach tithing to the gentile believers unto whom he was sent. I believe that you will find my book quite interesting not to mention jaw dropping concerning the apathy of the ministers, teachers and preachers that refused to answer this one question from the Head of the church, Did the Apostle Paul teach tithing to the gentile believers or not!

” Furthermore my brethren and friends, Acts 15 and 21 are crucial documents relating to tithing because they describe the struggle of the FIRST CHURCH COUNCIL to deal with how the Law should apply to the Jews and Gentiles. Acts 15:1 And certain men which came down from Judea taught the brethren, and said. Unless you are circumcised after the manner of Moses, you cannot be saved. (I’ve even heard of ministers that proclaim that if you don’t tithe, that you cannot get in heaven. Now for sure that is a DIFFERENT GOSPEL my friend.)  To have the galls to attempt to put the law above the redeeming blood of Christ! But listen Acts. 15:5. There rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed, saying That it was needful to circumcise them (Gentiles) and to command them to keep the law of Moses. When you continue this chapter and 21. you will see that after Paul heard of this heresy that it was on. Paul and Barnabas reasoned with them at this council and even Peter rose up in 15:7-11. The Apostle Peter, second in leadership to James, reminded the church that he had personally witnessed the Gentiles receiving the Holy Spirit simply through faith and apart from keeping the Law. {Yet in my book, you will see and understand the craftiness of the Tithe teachers will attempt to justify their teaching by proclaiming that tithing was before the law, but what they won’t tell you is that it was a common practice of the pagans in Abrams time. a full understanding of this perversion is within my book} Also as mentioned in my book is the thought that we are serving a God of the old covenant and new, and what about the Son of God Who shed His blood for us to established a better covenant which was established upon better promises? He.8:6] As the Head of the church, what does He say to the body of His? During this CORONAVIRUS PAMDEMIC when people are really suffering to the point of death and separation of love one’s jobs are being lost, unemployment checks are late, children going hungry, still the call for the tithe is intact. What kind of God are they representing? Even in the time of famine when the Lord chastened His people under the old covenant and law He did not require the people to tithe, because they couldn’t grow crops and the animals were well you get the point.  I believe with all my heart saints that those that teach the heresy and perversion of this so-called NT tithing, ARE NOT THEMSELVES LIVING A LIFE BY FAITH in trusting the lord to supply their needs.  And of course I believe in the support to those that proclaim the Gospel to those that teach and preach the Holy scriptures. Why not just ask the congregation to give according to how the Lord has prospered them by faith and from the heart as the Apostle Paul taught in 2 Co.9:7 It’s all about the heart. In fact, the tithe is never mentioned by this WISE MASTER BUILDER!

Book Synopsis: This is, at last, an in-depth look at the teaching of tithing and its relevance or irrelevance to New Testament believers. In this book you will discover the truth about tithing and learn how to follow the Spirit in this important matter.


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