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Synopsis of “Groomed”


Groomed by Jerome L. WhiteheadOne out of every six men in this country has been the victim of a molester in some way, shape or form.  As a rule, men do not talk about being victimized.  It is counter to what we as young boys have been brought up to be.  We have been brought up to be providers, protectors, husbands, fathers and to a certain degree, nurturers.  Being a victim does not fall into any of those categories.  Gay men in particular may believe that simply because it is natural for them to sleep with men that no emotional harm may have occurred when they fell victim to a predator.

As an African American male abuse survivor, I have come to realize the  harm that has been done and that much like our heterosexual counterparts, we will carry what has happened to us well into our adult years without realizing that the trajectory of who we would have been has been altered with that first touch.

In Groomed, I chronicle my journey from the incidents of my abuse to who I am today telling the story from both the perspective of a 13 year old boy as well as an adult survivor.  I am candid and honest.  I go into detail about what occurred with me from the ages of six to thirteen.  I talk about failed relationships with women and men and delve deeply into what I felt when making the choices that I’ve made throughout my life.

This is a story that should be read by any single woman with a child as it will help her discern what is going on with her child should she her child start exhibiting telltale signs of inappropriate behavior.

I’ve come to realize that even though the trajectory of who I would have been had been changed the moment the abuse started when I was a child; I’ve also come to understand that knowledge is indeed power…and with that power you can rebuild and reclaim what was once lost and begin to live whole again.

~ J.L. Whitehead

Biography of Jerome L. Whitehead

Jerome L. Whitehead has been writing professionally since 1989, initially beginning his career as a contributing freelance columnist for “PGN, Incorporated” located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After writing for the publication for a year, he published his first chap book of poetry entitled “Universal Words” while enjoying various speaking engagements and poetry exhibitions.

His works includes being a major contributing writer to a book of poetry and prose for African American men entitled “A Warm December” in 1989.

In 2002, he became a contributing writer and editor for an online magazine entitled “Never2Funky”.

He has been a journalist for a national web site entitled “The Examiner” as well as contributing to CNN’s iReport.  These online publications are web sites dedicated to reporting local and national area news and events.  He conducts interviews with local area authors and writes unbiased reviews of their work.  He also composes commentaries on topics that pertain to the social issues relevant of the day.

He has also founded his own publication company that goes by the name, Four Brothers Publications.  He has released his first full length novel entitled Bruthas and has also written the manuscript for his first play based on the characters of his novel.  In 2013, Bruthas, The Final Chapter was released as the second installment of this family crime drama.  Both publications are currently available at and Amazon.

As of 2018, he is a contributor to DemWritePress which is a website that addresses current political issues of the Democratic Party.


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