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My name is J.J. Egosi. I am the author of the Demonheart series. My upcoming novel “Demonheart: Raging Elementals” will be the first installment. Set to be released sometime later this year.

The first book begins the journey of our hero, Michael. A troubled twenty something living in medieval times. He serves under the harsh rule of aristocratic family until he’s sorted and forces to start anew. Things quickly change as he discovers memories he’d long forgotten. With the help of an assassin and the same jewelry heiress that sent him on the streets, he discovers he’s more capable than the life he once knew as he strives for the one he lost. All with the impending threat of a demon king on the dark horizon.

I was inspired to write the book about five years ago when I had a very bleak and surreal dream. In it, a man was forced to scour the medieval world for his missing organs. Each tied to his memories. Gutting out the more gruesome details and replacing them with a few others, the Demonheart series was born and I’ve been working on it ever since.

I hope to reach people who are fans of all forms of fantasy, preferably of the dark fantasy variety. I use a great deal of horror and mythology elements, so those who enjoy blood and dragons may find a place for this book on their shelves.

If readers can gain the confidence to strive for a new beginning when times are challenging, that would put a smile on my face. If they like my attempts at romance, that’ll also work.

Raging Elementals is set to be released quite soon, starting on Amazon’s platform. But eventually, you can find it here on my website: https://demonheartchronicles.com/ Perhaps sooner, but I’m not certain as of this moment. For more updates, or if you just want to talk about fantasy or mythology, you can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/EgosiJ



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